Satya 2 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Action, Thriller
Satya 2 is not a worthy successor of its predecessor. One of the worst works of Ram Gopal Varma.
Nov 8, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

What Satya 2 is all about:

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's whim and fancy that every creation of his is avante-garde.

Looking at the recent damp-squibs of RGV including the likes of Not A Love Story, Department, 26/11 and now Satya 2, one can easily assess that the filmmaker has lost his sheen and understanding of what makes for a good story.

A crime drama where there's more crime on the senses than in the film

The lackluster script, jump cuts that make way for songs and ridiculous and garish way of shooting those songs really turn out to be criminally attrocious on your senses. The movie's violence is not as disturbing as the violent assault on your senses. For example - Satya enters Mumbai with the objective to rule it. It's very convinient how he gets a job in a big builder's office where it's not his qualification why he is hired but something else, what? We don't know.


There's more reference to "Company" in Satya 2 than it ever was in the film Company itself. Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn) keeps going on an on about how Company is not a company after all but a "Soch". How there won't be any owner to his company, how this company will be a system within a system... blah blah... none of which excite or entice you.


There's a person dying in every second scene, half of which are top-notch big shots either a politician or a media baron or a business tycoon. The way of killing them is well thought through by our conniving Satya who has it all worked out in his head but what it turns out onscreen is nothing but a convinient play of story - poison the tycoon, have a gun installed in a camera of a media person, shoot through a bill board or worse still switch the security of the Chief Minister of the state. It's all so easy after all.

Pouty actress

You'd literally want to clip the lips of this pouty actress Anaika Soti who plays Chitra in the film does nothing other than acting silly and pouting to the camera. RGV true to his fetishes with lead actresses focuses a lot on this one and what one gets to see are long slow-mo scenes of the actress pouting and posing for the camera.

Bad Dialogues

This film could easily win a Razzies award if there ever was one in Hindi film industry for the worst dialogues ever. There's zilch creativity in coining the dialogues used in this film. Sample this - "iske badle aap sabko badla milega", "woh bahar wala hai, use bahar he rehne do" among others. Even words like "structure" "soch" "company" are repeated in every second line by the lead protagonist.

Satya 2 which comes 15 years after Satya is one of the worst works from the stable of RGV ki Factory. The movie is clearly not a worthy successor of its predecessor.

Mansha Rastogi