Red Wine Synopsis

Anoop belongs to Wayanad. He gives great importance to drama and gets himself involved in many social issues as a committed and responsible person. Ramesh is from Kozhikode. He is a sales executive in a company and is least bothered about others. Anoop and Ramesh are two guys who lead their life at varied locations and backgrounds .Though they are unknown to each other they have some connection between them which they are not aware of. Ratheesh comes to make an investigation into this connection and various truths get unveiled in the process. ‘Red Wine’ progresses with a good element of suspense with Mohanlal as Ratheesh. Fahad Fazil and Asif Ali do the roles of Anoop and Ramesh respectively. Anoop and Ramesh are strangers and have nothing in common. They share different principles and beliefs. But at a particular turn of events, both come together for a common purpose and it is Ratheesh who was instrumental in their encounter. The following eventful incidents are plotted in ‘Red Wine’. Salam Bappu is the director of this film written by Mammen K Rajan. Bijibal composes music and Manoj Pillai handles the camera. In the banner of Gauri Meenakshi movies, the movie is produced by A S Girish lal. Saiju Kurup, Suraj Venjaramoodu, T G Ravi, Anoop Chandran, Jaikrishnan, and Meghnaraj also do important roles.