Kill Dil Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA
You may watch Kill Dil only if you are a fan of any of the actors. I would say, let it pass.
Nov 14, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

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Out of exasperation I made a call to one of my close friends. Well, I did expect the film to be reasonable if not good. The film has Govinda, one of my all time favourite. Alas!

So yes, I made the call to my friend to share how disappointed I was. He could not fathom my grief. So he asked me what was the story all about. I told him, "Two guys, brought up by a don, grow up to be shooters. Then one of them falls in love and wants to leave the business. The don does not like it." I did not need to speak more. My friend replied, "Ah the same story that we have seen 4850 times earlier!"

That statement probably says it all. Kill Dil is a story that we have seen so many times by now that it could hardly entertain. And yet cliched stories work at times, if only the way it's told is unique. Unfortunately, Shaad Ali's return to direction after seven long years is not quite enticing as he may have thought it was.

Kill Dil does start well. There are regular doses of humour that kept me entertained for a while. But the minute you start asking yourself for a reason to watch the same story all over again is when you run out of an explanation.

Here's one probable reason - stylised action coupled with bromance and a featuring a very attractive girl. Does that work? Nah?

Okay there is this one scene that is totally watchable. It features Alok 'Babuji' Nath interviewing a newly transformed good boy Ranveer Singh for a job of a life-insurance agent. In the background hangs a photograph of Nirupa 'Maa' Roy from Deewar on the wall. That is quirky humour and probably spoke of the film in a larger context - a salute to the good old '70s and '80s.

Kill Dill may have excited the producers at conception level. As a complete film it features a very watchable Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra. And it is only them that drives this otherwise limp of a film. Ali Zafar is good but does not add much. Same with Govinda. He still has the capability to light up the screen but is undone by a character that just does not live up to the promise.

You may watch Kill Dil only if you are a fan of any of the actors. I would say, let it pass.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara