Mumbai 125 KM Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Thriller
Avoid.Fails in all respect.
Oct 17, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Oh my horror! Here we are again, dealing with a genre that is so badly represented in apna Bollywood, that a serious fan could actually start a dharna asking for better! This time we have producers promoting the film as India's most expensive 3D horror movie. Bigger talking point of course is Veena Mallik!

For the uninitiated, this is the film during the shoots of which the infamous Pakistani actress and recently turned mother had disappeared for a couple of days. Yes, the film finally managed a release!

Mumbai 125Km, like many other recent horror flicks that have come out of Bollywood, is about a gang of friends getting caught in the web of the supernatural. And like most horror films, this one too refuses to move.

So five friends are on way to celebrate the New Year's eve at a party in Mumbai. And for that, they drive through this dark jungle, which leads to god-knows-where. Celebrations turn sour when they encounter a rather strange ghost 125Kms from Mumbai. And then there is no escape. For the character as well as the viewers. Actually there is one for the viewer... walk out or doze off. The characters however are not quite as sensible. They refuse to take up chances of survival and make mistakes a toddler would laugh at. Speaks a lot about the writer who penned the characters. Soon enough you are just happy that they are bumped off. You actually wish they are killed faster so that you are done with this torture.

Problems are plenty. From make-up to sounds. But nothing compared to a story that fails to create empathy and situations that fall flat instead of creating horror. And while you wish hard that things fall into place, you figure that the director was trying hard to seduce you instead of scaring you. So we have Veena Mallik is lingerie, Veena Mallik in a bikini and Veena Mallik yelling in scenes that have little to do with horror. Of course these might just work for a section of the audience... the sex-starved ones who increase the hit count on the sleazy videos on Youtube. Yes, you know the kind.

The rest of the actors try their best. But the director focused on something else, their efforts hardly matter.

So maybe a dharna demanding for something better might just be the way to go. Kejriwal managed to create quite some impression with his repeated protests last year. Maybe we could together make some writers take pity on us!

Bottomline - The film did scare. Not it's story and technique, but the fact that it released.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara