Bloody Isshq Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Bloody Isshq can be your perfect vengeance from your enemy. If you want revenge, gift a ticket of this film.
  Below Average
Mar 1, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Once in a while there comes a film that makes you appreciate all the other movies you may have panned in the past. Bloody Isshq is one such film. There isn't a reason that can justify the existence of this film except the selfish reason of each and every crew and cast member of the film to make it into the film industry. But do they make a handsome start? Not at all!

Based in Pataya and Bangkok, Bloody Isshq is about a rebel by nature Natasha (Tripta Parashar), a hotel heiress gives in to the charms of a stranger Nirvaan Shroff (Akash Singh) who saves her from a deadly accident. But Nirvaan is not the one to be tamed easily. Provoked by a bet from her friend, Natasha takes to the game of seducing Nirvaan into total submission but instead ends up falling for him. However, who would've known that the total stranger would have a past where he has a wife Radhika (Shilpa Anand) in another country. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Right from the shoddily handled first scene you are in for gruesome movie experience. Bloody Isshq not only lacks a proper bound script but also decent characterization and production quality.

Filmmaker Arup Dutta seems to have binged on ample Abbas-Mustan thrillers replete with twists and turns and purged out a highly tacky product. There are many twists and turns throughout the film that are so conveniently placed as if only to lead the story (if there is any) to its conclusion.

The film takes almost as much as the entire first half to build up and it's only post interval that the film takes some pace but by then you are so bogged down by the atrocious screenplay and the storyline that you only want the torture to end.

While the thrilling portions fail to keep you at the edge of your seats, even the romantic portions are nothing but sleazy and monotonous. The suspense prolongs for so long that you wish you were dead instead!

On the technical front, Bloody Isshq is stuffed with glaring loop holds and continuity jerks that can be noticed by any cine-goer. Everyone associated with the technical department is a big let-down. The music is another sore point. The songs in the film are so jarring and uninspiring that they add to the agony of the viewer.

Sure the film is shot in Pataya and Bangkok, the money spent by the producer can be seen however, the cinematographer falls flat in making use of the location and presents a very shoddy display of backdrop.

Performance-wise, debutant actor Akash is average at best. He fails to keep you glued to the screen but the actor alone can't be blamed. Shilpa Anand of Dil Mil Gaye fame gets very little scope to performance which too she fails to utilize with her average acting skills. Tripta Parashar needs strict acting lessons for she is one of the major causes of annoyance in the film. Mukesh Tiwari, as the uncle, is good and does justice to his role. Karan Mehra suits his character and does well. The rest of the cast is at par with the script.

Bloody Isshq can be your perfect vengeance from your enemy. If you want revenge, gift a ticket of this film.

  Below Average
Mansha Rastogi