Sona Spa Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Thriller
Sona Spa is a shoddy representation of what could've been an otherwise innovative and extremely fresh concept.
Mar 22, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

In the fast paced life and the daily struggle to attain all the materialistic worldly pleasures, the thing that gets compromised the most is sleep, actually the most important thing. Taking cue from such hectic city lives of millions, theater guru Makarand Deshpande weaves an interesting and futuristic concept and presents Sona Spa. Whether the film works or not let's find out.

Sona Spa is a spa where one can buy sleep. Any time during the day or night. It's a spa where you get charged 2500 rupees for an hour long sleep and girls sleep for you while you work round the clock and still feel fresh and rejuvenated. But what happens when the girls who sleep for you also start dreaming all the violent or supressed thoughts that run through your mind?

Existentialism usually finds its place in theater plays hence a plot such as Sona Spa coming from theater maverick Makarand Deshpande is not quite surprising. However, as good as a germ of the thought may be, it's the execution of the film that completely kills the fun.

Right from the first scene, Sona Spa appears like a B-Grade film with production quality getting as tacky as it can get. So you see Naseeruddin Shah in what would be one of his most apologetic performances gushing out the advertisement of "Sssssona Sssspa". And if once wasn't enough, you keep hearing it running at the backdrop of the spa till you want to run away from the theater. The execution is as bizarre as it can get and after a few minutes you literally give up on the film to ever make any sense to you.

Both Shruti Vyas who plays Rucha and Aahana Kumra who plays Ritu are both otherwise, impressive theater actors but courtesy trashy and shabby make up & hair, bad dialogues and poor character sketch they struggle to put together even half decent performances.

As for the rest of the cast, the least said the better.

Sona Spa in a way does stay true to its concept. You surely can buy your sleep at Sona Spa by buying the ticket of the film!

Mansha Rastogi