Loveria Bengali Movie Review

Feature Film
Loveria is best watched when you really have no other work in the world and have an amazing company to deflect your attention.
Feb 17, 2013 By Anurima Das

When two of the biggest names- Shree Venkatesh and Surinder films merge together for a film, all one expects is a good brew on screen. Unfortunately the brew fails to impress and is too sour to taste. The inviting, colorful and youthful posters of Loveria have been doing rounds for quite a while now, yet the film fails to maintain the youthful flavor.

Aditya (Soham Chakraborty) the son of a clerk falls in love with Sweety (Pooja Bose) the daughter of Rajatava Dutta, who unfortunately, to add, to the trouble is the boss of Aditya's father. Yes, it is that simple? The film from the beginning complicates every detail and tries to present the same old story in an entirely new package. While, the Venkatesh and Surinder camps can be credited for their earlier efforts, yet they do no justice to Loveria.

Glimpses of Kolkata and its famous locales is a cliched misuse and finally does not become much of a touch point with the audience. The society is defined and broken down into two distinct parts-the Elitist and the de-elitist. The film adapts a mission from the beginning that it would bring these two parts together through love and thus walking on this motto. Loveria presents a truly confused yet extremely flat narrative.

The narrator introduces the film in the beginning and cleanly reminds us of many spectacular cinematic successes that have worked remarkably in lines of this. Yet, the question that keeps haunting all through the two long hours film is why so much effort to present such a 'done to death' subject.

Actor Rajatava Dutta as the father of Sweety yet again establishes his fine acting abilities in the midst of the major disappointments, a strong comic relief. The songs of Loveria will help you nurture your Bollywood lyrics vocabulary.

Don't be surprised when you hear all the popular lyrics strung up with music in Loveria. Sweety in the beginning is hell bent to get Aditya killed because he being a garage mechanic has the ordersity to fall in love with a rich man's daughter. Aditya however, is determined and has a crystal vision that one day they would get married and Sweety will be his. He does not have to wait for long and our very own Pooja Bose falls for Aditya as destined.

Sweety's dad is not ready to accept this matrimonial and tries everything to become the "bad man" of Loveria. Yet, our brave heart Aditya challenges his would be father-in-law, that in a matter of six months both of their families will be BPL families and then the real estate king Rajatava Dutta has to marry his daughter off to him.

Comic dialogues, the plot and ploys planned by Aditya to demean his father-in-law and the action sequences help in keeping the brew together.

To summarize Loveria is best watched when you really have no other work in the world and have an amazing company to deflect your attention.

Anurima Das