Bangari Kannada Movie Review

Feature Film
'Bangari' another disappointing Yogish film
Feb 2, 2013 By V.S. Rajapur

"Bangari" was touted as the costliest film of Yogish, whose on and off screen chemistry with the film's heroine, Ragini, has grabbed a lot of attention.

Ragini, with her appearance in romantic songs had in a way, reinforced her glamorous image. She was her own costume designer in the film.

Both the lead artists and the film's director had high hopes from the project.

Alas, within a few minutes of the screening, "Bangari" makes the audience to scratch their head. It would be difficult to find some symmetry in the way the film moves on as sequence after sequence ends without an impact. Even the comedy sequences in the film involving Sadhu Kokila fails to provide any relief.

The story goes on like this - Bangari, a poor boy is attached to his mother. He is in love with Paddu, the daughter of a rich and cruel don Somashekhar, who has a standing rivalry with Dharmanna. Dharmanna cautions Bangari to keep away from Paddu, but Paddu is a bold girl who says she would go to any extent to have a relationship with Bangari.

Meanwhile, Bangari is beaten by Paddu's relatives. Bangari and Paddu face several hurdles, but will they be able to unite later?

The main reason for this film's steep fall can be attributed to the shabby work of the director and scriptwriter Ma. Chandru, who proves to be totally inexperienced. He seems to not even be aware of the elementary details of filmmaking.

Yogish has done his job and gives his best in action sequences, but it is one more addition to the list of his disappointing films. This award-winning actor needs to make amends in the choice of his films.

Ragini's glamour quotient is sure to get whistles from front-benchers.

Two songs by Neel are well-composed, but Niranjan Babu's camera work is ordinary.

Overall, "Bangari" is a disappointing film. Watch at your own risk.

V.S. Rajapur