Flat No.4B Synopsis

‘Flat No 4B’ narrates certain real life incidents of social relevance in the background of modern day family life. The film is directed by debutante Krishnajith S Vijayan in the banner of Kaudilya Films. Revathi is a plus two student. She lives with her parents, sister, and brother. Theirs is a middle class family and they lead a happy life. Revathi as a teenager has colorful dreams about her life. But as her parents are very conservative, she leads somewhat a reserved life. At this time Revathi’s father Raghu loses his job and he joined as the security of a flat. He cannot accept the flat culture but slowly tries to understand it. Revathi befriended Manu who takes her to the colorful outer world. In her innocence Revathi reaches the same flat with Manu where her father works as a security. But they do not see each other. The resulting events in the life of Raghu are plotted in a realistic way by Krishnajith S Vijayan in ‘Flat No 4B’.