Artist Synopsis

Michael (Fahad Fazil) and Gayatri (Ann Augustine) are classmates at the Fine Arts College. They share same thoughts and aims in life. Their greatest aim in life is to become world renowned painting artists. They start to live together to attain their goal. Only when they start a life together, Gayatri realized the truth that her dreams vary from real life. Meanwhile Michael faces a great tragedy in his life. The following heart rendering events paint the beautiful story of ‘Artist’. Krishnachandran and Vanitha are also playing important roles in this film. Some theatre artists are also cast in ‘Artist’. Shyamaprasad’s ‘Artist’ narrates the journey that the new generation undergoes. The movie screens the life of those who aspire to become well known painters. ‘Artist’ is produced by M Mani under the banner of Sunitha Productions. The script is penned by Shyamaprasad himself. Shyam Dutt is the cinematographer.