Aavi Kumar Tamil Movie Review

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Aavikumar is a wannabe horror comedy film which is neither frightening nor entertaining.
Jul 24, 2015 By SMK

Debutant director Kandeepan's Aavikumar is the latest to join the list of horror films to hit the Tamil Cinema screens this year. However, it has nothing refreshing to offer to the viewers. Boasted as a comedy thriller with a tinge of horror elements, the film has nothing to revel in. The comedy works only towards the tail end of the film before the cliched third-act unwinds. The horror elements are such that even a five year old child would watch the film with eyes wide open and without any reflex action.

Aavikumar (played by Udhaya, brother of director AL Vijay) is a gifted psychic who can communicate with ghosts. He runs a reality show where he acts as a bridge between the general populace who lost their loved ones and their souls. Nassar, who plays a police officer, disbelieves in Aavikumar's theory and challenges him to prove it by resolving an already proven murder case. If Aavikumar finds the culprit correctly by communicating with the ghost (the victim), then Nassar will agree that Aavikumar indeed possesses the magical power. However, things go topsy-turvy when Aavikumar untwines the murder case and idenfies the murderer as someone who is not in police records.

While the above story is on one side, another parallel story emerges when Aavikumar, who resides in Malaysia, shifts his home to a new apartment which is possessed by a ghost (played by Kanika Tiwari who played Hrithik Roshan's sister in the Hindi film Agneepath). Everyone in the apartment believes that Kanika died long back but she is grossly adamant that she is still alive and conveys the same to Aavikumar who spends his next few minutes in bewilderment. Aavikumar sets out on a mission to find the truth about Kanika and the above murder case has been interlaced to Kanika's story in the second half.

While the plot looks promising on paper, the film is totally let down by atrocious performances of the lead actors and the tepid writing. Seasoned performers like Nassar and MS Baskar are severely underused with trivial roles to portray. The director has failed to bring out the emotions in audiences. Not even for few minutes, do we feel sympathetic with the characters on screen.

The background score, jointly composed by Srikanth Deva and Vijay Antony, is jarring and never helps the proceedings to pick pace. It hampers the flow in many scenes where ideally the score should have been avoided.

Aavikumar is a wannabe horror comedy film which is neither frightening nor entertaining. The sheer lack of thrilling elements and horrific happenings will surely test the patience of moviegoers from the beginning till the end.