Life Mein Hungama Hai Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Life Mein Hungama Hai is a film that should've best been in cans.
  Below Average
Apr 26, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

Most of Bollywood films either seek inspiration from Books or from Hollywood movies. And it's a shame when even at that they tend to put together a half-baked dish. Life Mein Hungama Hai is a clear sample of that.

Vishi (Saksham Kulkarni) and Sunny (Sonu Bakshi) are friends for life, who study together and stay at a hostel. Bored with living by a schedule and time-table, the two adolescents crave for adventure. Realizing there limitations for exploration and adventure in the four walls of their hostel, the two young adventurers pack their bags and run away, having new adventures and meeting new people on their way.

Not all that glitters is gold holds true in the case of Life Mein Hungama Hai. The film boasts of being based on a Ruskin Bond story but that's just an attractive trap. It also tries to lace it up by having cameos by actors like Jackie Shroff, Urmila Matondkar, Paresh Rawal and Boman Irani. However, none of it works in the films favour for it goes downhill from the very first scene.

What puts you off most is the '80s documentary feel which would've worked back in that era but only appears old and jaded in the present times. The tawdry cinematography only adds salt to the wounds. What's worse, filmmaker Sunil Advani takes a preachy tone to the story making it highly boring rather than adventurous.

There are also songs as other sore points that keep coming every now and then to lull you into a comatose sleep.

Performances by the lead children are impressive but that is not even remotely a saving grace to this film. Even the cameos of has beens and current stars don't help matters.

To sum it up, Life Mein Hungama Hai is a film that should've best been in cans.

  Below Average
Mansha Rastogi