Om Shanthi Om Review

Srikanth works in a car showroom in Trichy. He falls head over heels with the heroine Neelam Upadhyaya on the very first sight. After several accidental encounters, he introduces himself to Neelam and they start to get together. Neelam joins to work in the same showroom where Srikanth works and eventually they fall in love.

At some point of time, Srikanth figures out that a group of 5 people follow him wherever he goes and later he comes to know that the 5 people are not humans but ghost souls of people who died with unfulfilled desires. The ghost souls seek the help of Srikanth to fulfill their desires and Srikanth too tries to help them. Whenever he goes to help these souls, Neelam coincidentally comes to the place only to see Srikanth talking and laughing alone. Seeing all this Neelam thinks Srikanth is mentally ill and this eventually muddles up their relationship which ends in a break up.

What forms the rest of the story is his efforts to fulfill the ghost's desires and his efforts to unite with his estranged lover. Yes, you read it right. It's exactly the same plot line dealt by Venkat Prabhu in Masss.

Oh Shanti Om has a plot which shares a wee bit of similarities to Venkat Prabhu's Masss which ended up as a disaster at the box office. The interesting fact is that director Surya Prabhakar made this film even before Venkat Prabhu thought about the core idea of Masss. So, the plagiarism accusations can be laid to rest there. However, Suriya Prabhakar's directorial flair is bland and his storytelling ability goes for a toss in Om Shanthi Om which makes us think if Masss was a well-made film.

The cliched romantic sequences and the monotonous dialogues between the leads are certainly a pain in the neck. Though Srikanth tries too hard to deliver a nifty performance, the role makes him a miscast. Meanwhile, the female lead Neelam is a terrific find and emotes well. She will have a good run in Kollywood if she picks up challenging projects in future.

Prabhakar, the cinematographer, handles the camera work well in night shots with low light. The music by Vijay doesn't add much to the proceedings with some tailor made tracks to the pace of the screenplay.

Om Shanthi Om, overall, is a classic case of 'old wine in a new bottle'.

Om Shanthi Om is a classic case of 'old wine in a new bottle'. (1.4) - SMK