Bang Bang Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA | Action, Dubbing, Romantic
Bang Bang is an amalgam of exotic locations, power-packed action and good looking actors, nothing more...
Oct 2, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

So you've had an exhausting week. You are bored out of your wits. You want some entertainment, any entertainment, a film laced with grandeur, an air conditioned theater to drive off the prickly October heat, stunning locales, actors (or models) straight out of clothing brochures and some mindless action then Bang Bang is the film for you.

Remake of the highly Bollywood-ish Hollywood film Knight and Day, Fox Star Studio's Bang Bang revolves around Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan), a trigger-happy thief who is on the run after having robbed the world's precious Kohinoor diamond. The cops are after him, so is the mafioso Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa) and he stumbles upon a Bank receptionist Harleen (Katrina Kaif) and as fate, cupid and Hindi cinema would have it, Harleen gets involved obscurely into his death defying, action packed cop and robber chase. How through car chases, plain crashes, shoot outs, bombing raids, and transcontinental chases love blossoms and Harleen realises Rajveer is after all a good guy is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Filmmaker Siddharth Anand takes an extremely over the top, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz starrer Hollywood film Knight And Day which anyway many thought was like a Bollywood film and adds more masala into it in. Goes without saying, in the process Anand leaves behind any logical application on the story. So you have Rajveer and Harleen on the run from one country to another sans the passports and visas, money or clothing. Rajveer while on one hand doesn't have money to buy pizza from pizza hut (which so blatantly has been endorsed in the film), on the other roams in every scene with designers clothes straight out of reputed clothing labels. However, ridiculously so, Harleen gets to roam in a bikini because once again he goes back to being a pauper when it comes to buying clothes for her.

There's loud, long and over the top chasing sequences, starting from the one on Shimla roads from where our lead actor lands straight into a filmy set, sits down to dine with the lead actress and breaks into a jig into another set which is completely different from where he started dining to begin with. However, what's commendable is the chase sequence in the sea what with all the fancy jet skis and boats.

Director Siddharth Anand flaunts brands throughout the film the way Hrithik flaunts his chiseled torso right from Pizza Hut to Hokey Pokey, Microman to Mountain Dew, you name it and you'll find it.

While cinematography of the film is top notch making the most of the foreign locations used in the film, background score of the film is as if a 21 year old is tripping and oscillating from Tomorrow Land's EDM tracks to Nashik Dhol.

There's nothing worth complimenting when it comes to dialogues (Abbas Tyrewala), Screenplay (Sujoy Ghosh) and direction as it all goes horribly wrong and fails to engage the audience.

If there's any saving grace to the movie it's Hrithik Roshan. The actor spells GREEK GOD in every frame of the film. Some of the breathtaking locales also fizzle out in comparison to the hotness quotient Hrithik brings to the film. The actor outdoes himself in the dance and action sequences and in every frame that he shares with Katrina, the poor soul makes up for the lack of acting on Katrina's end by upping his game. Katrina on the other hand has only two expressions throughout the film - the ad expression and the ad expression. If you've seen her in Slice, Vivel and Choc On ads you know that's exactly what you are going to see throughout the film. In some sequences it literally appears as if she has walked out of an ad into a film shoot.

Danny Denzongpa and Jimmy Shergill in their bit roles are impressive.

To sum it up, Bang Bang is an amalgam of exotic locations, power-packed action and good looking actors. If that's enough good for you, if you are still looking for the story hit the next screen and watch Haider.

Mansha Rastogi