The Angry Birds Movie English Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Animation, Children's film
You've played the game, and now it's time to sit back and laugh at the antics of the pigs and the birds. Correction. You will laugh and guffaw and hi-five people sitting next to you and choke on the coffee because the film is very cleverly written for grown ups. The kiddies will love the birds and the pigs...
May 26, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

The quality of animation films that we are seeing on the screens today is superlative and when you see how much work has gone into the details, how every bird feather and every piggy tail have been carefully created, you automatically wait for the credits to roll, out of respect.

The story is familiar to those who have played the game: pigs steal the bird eggs, and the birds blow down the pigs' houses.

But it's so much fun! The birds are simply amazing! Their babies and all the birds are so cute you want to go out and buy plushie toys of them all! Red, Bomb and Chuck are your old friends, but now you'd want Matilda and Terence and Judge Peckinpah and all the piggies too! How can I forget the Hug Trader and The Mighty Eagle and The Crossing Guard.

The love apart, the story has such awesome references for grown ups, you would want to see the movie again to enjoy the 'what did I just see?!' moments. It's clever, writing that makes guffaw. When the Bird Salesman greets Red with, 'How are you?' casually, Red replies, 'I'm horrible!' It's this kind of unexpected stuff that makes you smile. There's more fun with words and the clever lines come at you from all angles. You cannot but be amazed at the controlled mayhem when the final battle takes place and you see Piggy homes come toppling down. Even in Piggy Land, Chuck's landing is one fast, funny sequence.

Watch this film not because you know the birds rescue the eggs, watch it because how much fun they have when they're rescuing the eggs. Watch this film not because you played the video game, watch it because you loved playing the game. Watch it also because you don't want to be a grown up who does not understand the fun behind Red saying, 'How many stars on a scale of one to three do you give me?'

Manisha Lakhe


Rahul John Roy

Games made into movies....A lot to look forward to. But I was disappointed with this incarnation. The movie takes a lot ... Show more
Games made into movies....A lot to look forward to. But I was disappointed with this incarnation. The movie takes a lot of time to build up to what we know about the game; and suddenly out of nowhere the birds get powers....hmmm.... I dont know. Maybe this one is for the kids. Try this one out if you want to pass time with some minimal comedy.