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'They killed his brother and he wreaked havoc in Bombay, and you did what?' screams a politician to the powerful businessman.' And you know how the movie is going to end! It's just that this time Ajay Mehra is defending four teenagers who have found evidence on crime that is being passed off as an accident. The direction may be raw, but the action is good.
Feb 5, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Ajay Mehra went to jail in 1990 for the brazen but honorable murder of Balwant Rai. He lost his brother, his wife, his child... That was then. Today, he gets headaches because he cannot get over the nightmarish visions. Soha Ali Khan is a doctor who treats him. Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol of course) runs a newspaper called Satyakam with a band of do-gooders who went to jail with him (or were reformed by him). His sting operations are the bane of everyone's life (including the rich and powerful Mr.Bansal who seems to be modeled on a real-life businessman in Bombay).

The movie starts rather haphazardly showing many things simultaneously inspired by the TV show 24. Thankfully, it comes together when we realise that the four teenagers need the help of Ajay Mehra who will do the right thing by running the footage captured inadvertently. The footage incriminates Bansal, his son and the Politicians in the murder of a policeman turned RTI activist (Om Puri from the original movie Ghayal).

The ruthless businessman has South African mercenaries that chase the kids beating them mercilessly for the footage. The movie goes straight into unbelievable territory when you see gun totting men chasing the teenagers through a mall (people just stare at the goings-on, as if they know those guns are fake). But when think about it, it is good action. And the kids are rather competent.

That Ajay Mehra's famous 'dhai kilo ka haath' saves the kids, destroys Bansal's evil empire is a given. What is amazing is the action (that includes one heart-stopping leap from a running train). That makes the amateurish direction (sorry Sunny pa-ji, we know your heart is in the right place), tolerable. The computer generated scenes are a tad cringeworthy because they are so obviously computer generated. But on the whole the story keeps moving on a predictable path.

This movie does not make any pretence of being anything less than an action movie. So there are no needless song breaks or ear-shattering punches. The young villain (Bansal's son, Kabir) is creepy and wicked. So awful, that when the 'dhai kilo ka haath' hits the young, wild lad, you whoop happily with others in the theater. What more do you need in an action flick?

Manisha Lakhe


Shivaraj Nair

Its not sunny at all. I like to review "Ghayal once again" in 5 points, 3 downs and 2 ups. 1. "Ghayal once again" tit... Show more
Its not sunny at all. I like to review "Ghayal once again" in 5 points, 3 downs and 2 ups. 1. "Ghayal once again" title of the movie? seriously awful. 2. Poor story, especially sunny having visions of miserable past which makes him groan like hulk and punch walls suddenly Dr appears with pills. 3. Newcomers was disappointing. Ups are 4.At 58 sunny's passion and enthusiasm is immense. 5. Soha Ali khan did her best and VFX team did great job. If you are sunny deol fan this one rocks you.