Sooper Se Ooper Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2013
Sooper Se Ooper is an unfunny yawn fest which barely holds any merit for one to go watch the film. Easy avoidable.
Oct 25, 2013 By Mansha Rastogi

A city bred financially broke boy Ranvir Singh (Vir Das) goes packing to a village in Rajasthan to find her deceased mother's brother , his mama (uncle) to sell off his ancestral property and liquify his assets. Litle does he know that he will run into a problem as the ancestral land was not will-ed to him by his parents.

Sounds interesting? Yes it does. But sadly the script on its way to being turned into a film falls into a deep trench and doesn't get translated at all into a laugh riot.

Sooper Se Ooper is among those films that not only appear extremely witty and interesting on papers but also in the trailers which is enough to entice you into the theaters. Having Vir Das as the protagonist only helps making the buzz for the film strong going by the current trend of small budget films making for interesting stories. However, this one fails to please miserably.

Director Shekhar Ghosh actually brings together an interesting ensemble including the likes of Vir Das, Gulshan Grover, Yashpal Sharma, Deepak Dobriyal and wastes their talent on a script so cliched that you know within the first few minutes what's to happen in the entire plot.

The movie keeps beating around the bush all throughout without touching upon the main conflict at all. To make things worse, the comic gags also are quite average and don't make you laught.

The Rajasthani backdrop however, is something that Shekhar Ghosh uses well in the film and even the cinematography is quite pleasant and commedable.

Vir Das who's proven his worth time and again in films including his last hit Go Goa Gone although likeable appears quite repetitive in his choice of role. The filmmaker too doesn't extract anything different from his talented actor.

Gulshan Grover on the other hand is brilliant in his portrayal of a painter. Dobriyal on the other hand gets royally wasted in this apology of the film.

Sooper Se Ooper barely holds any merit for one to go watch the film. Easy avoidable.

Mansha Rastogi