Kunjikoonan Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2002 | Comedy, Drama
Sep 25, 2002 By Vins

Dileep scores again with his new release kunjikoonan.This time he comes in double role,one that of a handicap and has excelled in the role and the other as handsome college boy which is not worth mentioning. Those who expect an entertainer like 'Meesha Madhavan' are likely to be disappointed, at least to some extent. 'Kunjikoonan' is an entertainer, but not one like Dilip's last film, 'Meesha Madhavan', which is running very successfully at the box office. 'Kunjikoonan', directed by Sasi Shankar, though seems boring at some places. Dilip's performance as the crippled hunchback is what keeps you firmly seated until the very end. A somewhat faltering screenplay and direction that is not up to the mark, are compensated by a rather good performance by Dilip. Navya Nair is good as Chembakam while Manya too does justice to her role as Lakshmi. Cochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar and Bindu Panicker are well cast while Saikumar as the rowdy Vasu, doesn't seem to have much to do. A great actor like Nedumudi Venu has also been cast in a role with very little scope for acting. As for the technical aspects, make-up by Pattanam Rasheed deserves special mention while songs written by Yusuf Ali and tuned by Mohan Sithara are rather impressive. While comparison with 'Meesha Madhavan' is likely to harm 'Kunjikoonan', it is a fact that people who reach the theatres (at least in the first few weeks) expect the film to be like Dilip's earlier entertainer. However, on its own merit, 'Kunjikoonan' is a film worth watching.

Story Line

Kunjikoonan tells the story of Kunjan, a crippled and somewhat ugly-looking hunchback who runs a telephone booth. He is loved dearly by the people around him. However, his only sorrow is that he has been unable to find a girl who will marry him. Almost all the girls in the town shy away from his grotesque features. Chembakam, a blind girl, now enters the scene. She befriends Kunjan and soon falls in love with him, despite not having seen him. Kunjan then helps her get her sight back, but with her sight returning, things change in Kunjan's world. On a parallel track is told the love story of Prasad, a smart youngster, and the young and lively Lakshmi. How the two love stories progress and how they end, forms the rest of the film.