Creature Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Horror
Creature 3D is amateurish for a seasoned filmmaker like Vikram Bhatt. Well, they did try. They just did not manage. Not to scare and definitely not to entertain!
Sep 13, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Funny times these. People make films to scare you, and invariably end up making you laugh and yawn in periods. Creature 3D is amazingly amateurish for a seasoned filmmaker like Vikram Bhatt.

During one of my conversions with a group of journalists, some sneered when I said I do have immense respect for Bhatt. He has done some very good work. But somehow he always find way to slip into a mess after every good film he makes. For a person who has directed a Ghulam and a 1920 you would really expect better. But then again, I wonder if I should call this the Ram Gopal Varma syndrome - the impatient desire to do something new and end up making something not quite watchable.

Creature 3D as the unexciting trailer had indicated is about a deadly mythical creature that goes on a killing spree. And for this the director creates something that looks least horrific or original. You could just google for creature and find scores of such sketches from across the world.

So we have our heroine Ahana shifting base from Mumbai to the small town in Himachal and sets up her own hotel. However thing go wrong when people start dying, thanks to the 'Brahmarakshah'. She is advised by 'sane' people to shut shop and flee. But Ahana of course is our heroine and she has to fight.

Now the Brahmarakshah has his roots in Hindu mythology. But Bhatt of course has his own twists to it. None of it quite logical. But then, to expect logical build-up of an imaginary 'creature' is too much to ask for when the characters of the human beings are so illogical!

Bhatt's attempt with Creature 3D was to make it to the history of animation and visual effects in Indian filmmaking. He probably still would it. Just the wrong end of it. The creature is just not convincing. And neither are the reactions of the actors as they are hounded by this 'ghastly' thing.

When writing is tardy and lacks any inspiration, visual effects hardly help. Even Cameroon could have not made an Avatar with a bad script! Also uninspiring is Mithoon's music. Never seen this talented chap come up with such bland compositions.

Creature is one film which fails in almost every department of filmmaking. Well okay, they did try. They just did not manage. Not to scare and definitely not to entertain. Bipasha Basu gets a film she needs to pull on her shoulders and she does as much as she could. Alas!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara