Judwaa 2 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Comedy, Drama
Judwaa 2 is louder and bigger and bolder and Varun Dhawan may not be Salman Khan, but he holds his own, both as Prem and Raja. Fun watch for the younger generation.
Sep 29, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

Varun Dhawan fans (mostly girls squealing in the theatre) will love his six pack abs and his sass. It's tough to like Prem (the gentler twin) when Raja (the wilder twin) flaunts his body at every possible moment. But it does not matter. There's so much happening on the colorful screen.

London looks like eternal sunshine because Varun wanders about the usually grey cold town in his undershirt and six pack abs. The girls - Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu too are dressed in short, skimpy dresses, but the men make up for the weather with jumpers.

What is there to not like when the songs from the original super hit are reprised again? 'Oonchi Hai Building, Lift Teri Band Hai' and the eternal favorite, 'Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara, Chalti Hai Kya Nau Se Barah' that became notorious then are danceable even today.

The story of diamond smuggler Charles who tries to con Malhotra into carrying them out at the airport, kidnaps Malhotra's child to escape the police, and this kidnapped child dumped on the train track grows up to be the wild child Raja and the twin left in the hospital is the gentle Prem.

The two bump into each other after a series of funny encounters that mix up the girls, the therapists, the families...

But in a film that already has so much situational comedy, adding Rajpal Yadav who plays the speech challenged friend ends up being so annoying, you wish he would be run over by the London double decker bus. One feels terrible for Upasana Singh who is a wonderful comedienne in her own right, in a role of a desperate older woman. The London policewoman and Pawan Malhotra though offer us fun comic moments.

If you are a Salman Khan fan, you will wonder why they needed to make the same movie again. But when you see Varun Dhawan manage both roles so well, and have so much fun mouthing nonsense dialog like, 'Alu Bukhara, Main Hoon Tumhara', you give him full marks. Watch it because it's made with so much heart. And David Dhawan's old fashioned gratitude to Salman Khan at the end of the movie will make you nod in appreciation.

Manisha Lakhe