1920 London Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Horror, Mystery
Dimpled Rajasthani prince is suddenly possessed by an evil spirit that makes him contort horribly. Wifey goes back to her home state where cardboard cutout Royal family takes her to priest. It's black magic! The only guy who can save her husband is her ex boyfriend. Or can he? The movie starts out to be interesting then goes through an entire checklist of horror movie cliches until you are weary...
May 6, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Sharman Joshi is the ex-boyfriend of this Rajasthani Princess whose husband has been afflicted by a hostile spirit. He's also the remover of black magic. So princess brings him to London. It is the year 1920. But don't ask how she gets from London to India and back to London so quickly even though the doctor has said 'The prince is suffering from Tetanus, and has not too long to live.'

It's called suspension of disbelief, so we won't ask how a saree clad princess suddenly turns into a short dress and bonnet wearing woman as soon as she lands in London (we are shown the London Bridge, so we know they're here!). The Queen Victoria Hospital is nothing but the castle you saw in the forgettable Shaandaar. The interiors are high ceilinged (so presumingly cold) and the nurses are all dressed like Florence Nightingale and the men in the hospital are wearing tweeds and overcoats (must be cold!), and the lone doctor (full marks for acting shocked when he sees the evil spirit eat meat!) (Wait! We will come to that!) and Kitty without Karamchand wears a frumpy maid's dress. Sharman Joshi wears a camel colored jacket with a black tee and Jodhpurs with funny ankle high shoes that look too big for his size... Why am I describing everyone's clothes? Because the heroine, the Rajasthani princess who is supposedly distressed at her husband's illness has a never ending supply of clothes (one peach dress even changes length (when she's running down the basement chanting mantras, it is long, when she runs back up, it is skirt length!). The princess wears a saree in the car to reach the final vanquish the evil place - obviously a run down disused church - and when she gets there, it's a white dress.

So w

e're chasing evil spirits that suspend from the ceiling, appear behind you, beside you and even push logs at you. They push beds, get inside bodies, appear as black smoke enveloped white pancake make-up covered beings, and hallelujah! This time the evil spirits can be seen in mirrors. But we are worried why the heroine, who is chasing a runaway magical lemon, does not remove the chair, but goes under it to reach the stationery fruit on the other side of the chair. But we do not laugh because Sharman Joshi fighting the evil spirit is funnier.

There is a twist to the tale that comes in the middle of the movie that announces Intermission. I wish they has ended it right there. It would have made us suffer less.

Manisha Lakhe