Dil Maange More Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
May 23, 2004 By Dr.P.V.Vaidyanathan

Expectations are naturally running high, when teenage sensation and winner of the most promising male debut and fresh face of the year awards in 2003, Shahid Kapoor, is starring in a new release. Shahid, who has been touted as the next superstar, has been in the news recently for a whole lot of reasons. Dil Maange More, directed by Ananth Mahadevan promises to give you more that your share of excitement and fun, if the promos are anything to go by. Does the film live up to the promos? Hmm, well. Let’s see.

Nikhil (Shahid Kapoor) lives in picturesque Samarpur, somewhere in the state of Uttaranchal, with his mother (Smitha Jaykar). He is crazy about football, and loves Neha (Soha Ali Khan). Neha loves him too, and Nikhil’s mother and Neha’s father (Kanwaljeet—too stiff) are more than happy with the match. So, where’s the problem, dude? The problem is that though Neha loves Nikhil, she is more interested in pursuing a career in aviation. She wants to explore the world, with or without her beau. She leaves for Mumbai, and Nikhil is heart broken. He trots to Mumbai, to try and knock some sense into her, and woo her back. Neha is adamant, and Nikhil takes up employment at a local Planet M music store, to be around and try his best to take her back. Nikhils’ life is made more interesting by his boss and well wisher A.R.Rehman (yes, you heard right) (Gulshan Grover), his colleague Sara (Tulip Joshi) and his fiery, male bashing, hot-tempered neighbor Shagun (Ayesha Takia). Nikhil accepts Neha’s refusal, and starts falling in love, first with Sara and later on with Shagun, only to realize that now Neha wants him back. Thus begins his nightmare, being chased and harassed by not one but three girls, and Nikhil’s life expectedly, turns into an unholy mess. What Nikhil does, and how he manages to extricate himself (does he??) forms the crux of the story.

Dil Maange More is not a very long film (14 reels), but it has some amazing cinematography. The locales are breathtaking, while some of the panning and trolley shots are well executed. Ananth Mahadevan has matured after his earlier hits like Dil, Vil, Pyar, Vyar, and his direction is quite good. The musical score, by Himesh Reshammiya, is average, with the ‘Gustakhiyan’ song standing out. This song takes you on a trip down memory lane, with a rock and roll rhythm, and reminds you of the days of Shammi Kapoor. ‘Aisa Deewana’ is also hummable. The rest of the soundtrack is forgettable. Sameer’s lyrics are also pretty ordinary.

Of the cast, Soha Ali Khan making her debut fails to impress. She’s very average, and needs to improve her acting skills, and do a crash course in diction and dialogue delivery. Tulip Joshi has vastly improved, after her debut in ‘Meri yaar Ki Shaadhi’, and is pleasant and competent. Ayesha Takia, who was seen in Tarzaan, and will be seen soon in ‘Socha Na Tha’ looks good and acts very well, especially in those scenes where she has to let her temper fly and throw a tantrum. This girl has a good future. The show ultimately belongs to Shahid Kapoor, who is brilliant, whether it is while dancing, singing, romancing or while feeling sad. His sense of comic timing is also perfect. He’s seems to be the only present day actor, who can give Hritik Roshan a run for his money, in the department of dance. He’s truly a superstar in the making.

Dil Maange More is good in parts, especially where the director takes a dig at urban life in Mumbai, and while the teenyboppers are likely to lap it up, the rest of the audience is likely to give to a very luke warm welcome, in the New year.