Gramaphone Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Oct 2, 2002 By K. T. Thomas

All Jews have migrated to Israel from Kochi, and there is hardly a handful of old and weak people still surviving there like Gregory (Janardhanan), an old Jew and his daughter Sarah (Revathi) and granddaughter Jeniffer (Meera Jasmine). Gregory dreams of going back to motherland Israel with his family hoping that somebody from there will marry Jeniffer.

In the Jewish street Sachidanandan (Dileep) runs an antique shop that specialises in selling old Gramaphone records. Jeniffer, Luyi uncle (Oduvil Unnikrishnan), 'Saigal' Yousuf (Salim Kumar) and Bhaskarettan are Sachi's close friends. Sachi's father was Raveendran, a great music director who died leaving him with a lot of musical instruments and some gramaphone records, which nobody wants. Sachi hates music, as he believes that his father has not made any money out of it. Aryadevi, a famous singer, who has been given her first break by Raveendran comes to Kochi from Bombay with her daughter Pooja (Navya Nair).

Pooja and Jennifer become friends and she introduces the mother and daughter to Sachi. Jennifer has a soft corner for Sachi who is unable to express his love for her. Meanwhile Pooja slowly starts falling in love with Sachi. Then the news come that a young Israeli soldier is coming down from Jerusalem, to marry Jeniffer. Gregory is delighted that now at least he and his family can go back to motherland. Jennifer agrees to the marriage as she wants to see her parents happy, but there is a twist in the climax.

Dileep as Sachi is amazingly candid while Meera is strikingly sweet and subdued. Navya as Pooja is ok. Everybody else in the cast has come out with excellent performance. The highlight is Vidyasagar's Hindustani classical mix that reminds you so much of the great Baburaj. There are some warm moments in the film.

K. T. Thomas