Bobby Jasoos Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Action, Drama, Thriller
Bobby Jasoos arrives as a rare clean, fun, mainstream entertainer that an entire family could watch together.
Jul 4, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Bobby Jasoos wastes no time. The very first scene introduces us to the antiques of this talented private detective who wishes to make it big but as of now is only making small money on petty cases - like snooping on lovers and working on extra-marital cases.

Set in Moghalpura, Hyderabad, Bobby Jasoos is the story of a woman who wants to become a famous detective. Equipped with sharp mind, polished by detective shows on TV, things are never easy for Bobby. She is a woman after all! More so because a father who is disapproving of her conduct.

Bobby Jasoos has a classic premise - an underdog who is out to prove herself and in process gain respect and love. The writer deftly weaves subtle layers of how the protagonist's desires do not go well with her middle-class family - one which is run on money earned by the patriarch. To be a 30-year old who has not given a thought to getting married as she pursues her ambition is never uncomplicated in provided settings.

The writer gets full marks as the screenplay move swiftly. The first half is filled with fun and ends with interesting twist, setting the stage for a well built suspense. It is another matter that the suspense was not executed half as well as it was built up. The film loses its pace toward the later part, thanks to an unnecessary song and few scenes here and there, but gets your attention back at the end.

Director Samar Shaikh is commendable in his efforts to keep the settings perfect. Shot mostly in real locations that add to the film's appeal, Bobby Jasoos is pretty detailed a work. From costumes to language to way of life, the director gets it bang on. Helping him is Vishal Sinha's cinematography.

Proving her worth once again, the dreamy-eyed Vidya Balan is at her best. She pulls the character with ease as she jumps of walls, run behind goons or threatens the local goon. The film indeed is all about her and yet the strong supporting cast stands out too. Rajendra Gupta as the disapproving father is remarkable. Aakash Dahiya and Prasad Barve do well as the enthusiastic friends of Bobby. Kiran Kumar and Arjan Bajwa build personae that are required of them. And Ali Afzal is perfect as the polished guy in the not so sophisticated neighborhood.

Overall, Bobby Jasoos arrives as a rare clean, fun, mainstream entertainer that an entire family could watch together. What more! It delivers as nice message without being preachy for once. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised. This is one jasoos you might just like seeing more of.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara