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Pithavum Kanyakayum  (2013)  (Malayalam)
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Pithavum Kanyakayum Review

'Pithavum Kanyakayum' dwells on a topic that is almost taboo, but offers very little in terms of enrichment or entertainment. It's nothing more than a tedious tale of a sexual fling between an old man and his daughter's best friend.
1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts) Pithavum Kanyakayum NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Veeyen
Rating: Crictiq: 1.5 - Read Review  1.5/5
Nowrunning Critics: 1.5/5
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The revelations that lie scattered all along the way as 'Pithavum Kanyakayum' moves to a climax aren't really earth shattering, when you think of it. The initial amusement that concerns an aging middle aged man obsession with a teenaged girl eventually gives way to disillusionment.

Balachandran, (M G Sasi) a middle aged professor awaits the arrival of his young muse Agnez Fernandez (Krupa) at a seaside resort. It's already dark when she arrives in her school uniform, and it's pretty much obvious that she has no misapprehensions regarding the actual intent of her arrival.

Balachandran, however seems a bundle of nerves, and when she insists that he cuts off his lustrous beard, he is appalled at what the rest of the world would think about it. she does persuade him though, and playfully cuts through his beard, laying herself comfortably across his lap.

The sexual politics at work in 'Pithavum Kanyakayum' is hazy, in that noth the key players in it dtrive to gain the upper hand over the other. It becomes increasingly difficult to gauge as to who is playing the cards right, and though Agnez seems to wade herself through with a remarkable ease, Balachandran springs the nastiest of surprises at the most unforeseen of moments.

The Lolita syndrome that has been much explored by film makers all over the world finds expression through the undergarments that Agnez hands over to Baalchandran from behind the washroom door. He simply finds it irresistible and as he drowns himself in their fragrance, the man seems to have lost the last of his senses.

Perhaps with an intention to make it appear further scandalous, Agnez addresses him as 'dad', hastily making the disclosure that he happens to be her best friend's dad. Though visibly perturbed by the addressal, Balachandran himself seems to have suggested to her to refer to him as daddy.

What marks the film's downfall is that the relationship that these two individuals share seems and sounds plastic. There are very little real emotions in play as the duo engages in conversations sans any real meaning or purpose.

Even as Agnez vouches the fact thet she has discovered the ultimate romance in her life, there are very few reasons before us not to believe that she is one of those young girls out there, who has ventured out on a journey of sexual discovery. As for Balachandran, years of non-existent sex life and a voracious libido have converted him into a sexual predator of sorts who is surprised that Agnez has turned out to be an easy prey.

The sexual have-nots are represented by the doorman (Sasi Kalinga) who attempts to barge in every now and then, the auto rickshaw driver who drops Agnez at the place, and the chemist who hands over the contraceptive pills to her.

The film does have two very strong performers - M G Sasi and Krupa - and together they sail through this tempest of a script that has much bad weather on store. The climax is terribly drawn out and when a song sashays in long after the denouement has come and gone, you get up in exasperation and make a beeline for the exit door.

'Pithavum Kanyakayum' dwells on a topic that is almost taboo, but offers very little in terms of enrichment or entertainment. It's nothing more than a tedious tale of a sexual fling between an old man and his daughter's best friend.
Critic: Veeyen
 1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts) 1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
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