Oru Soppetty Katha Review

Sometimes while sitting through a film, you end up thinking of everything else except what you have been watching on screen. The distracting element in such cases is so immense, that no amount of persuasion on your part is likely to draw your attention back to the movie.

There is this film called 'Oru Soapetty Katha' that has managed to grace the screens, and which I have had the opportunity to have a look at. This turned out to be a classic instance of the situation that I have just mentioned above.

The film, talks of two friends, who share an apartment, in suburban Cochin. There is their landlord (KPAC Lalitha) who, despite appearing like a nagging woman, has a heart of gold. And focourse, there are the girls, one in particular, who looks like she has stolen a heart or two.

For one the film looks and feels like one of those music albums that you get to see on YouTube, and I mean the ones that are a bit amateurishly shot. The music too falls in the said category, and there is nothing much you can do about it, when one of those songs unfurls on screen, making you literally squirm in your seats.

I wouldn't even dare call this an experimental new-gen film, because there is so little to be discussed here, whichever way you look at it. I mean, experiment is one thing, and here, I couldn't find anything that appeared even distantly experimental.

The film comes with a tagline that suggests that everything is cliched, and it does live up to it for almost three fourth of its length. There are some twists galore at the climax, and they stretch the film this way and that, until you get tired and snap your eyes shut, unable to take it anymore.

The running time of the film is quite disheartening too, since the theme that it actually dwells on does not merit one fourth of the actual length of the film. There is a whole lot of chopping and cutting to be done, which could have saved an awful lot of head ache.

The making smacks of an indifference throughout, that cares two hoots for the few people who have walked into the cinema hall to watch this piece of art, for whatever reasons. Sometimes it feels like the camera has been lying in a corner there, whirring all the while, and whatever happened before it in the meantime, has been canned as shots.

I am surprised at myself that I have managed to discuss this film at this length, when it has barely succeeded to leave even a single imprint somewhere within me. But then, that is the matter on which films as these thrive on; that they get to be written about despite their value being infinitesimally low.

The two lead actors, Hakim Shajahan and Shafique Rahman, are the soul saving graces of the film, and they do perform decently well, even amidst this horrible mess of a script that does not even allow them to turn around at ease. Apart from these two lead actors, the acting is pretty uneven, especially when it comes to the women, some of whom look terribly inept at what they do.

The bottom line is that it's unbelievable, that films like 'Oru Soapetty Katha' are made. It's a terribly meaningless product that squanders all the potentials that a medium like cinema has on offer, and disparagingly so.

It's a terribly meaningless product that squanders all the potentials that a medium like cinema has on offer, and disparagingly so. Rating: 0.5 - Veeyen