Karle Pyaar Karle Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Action, Romance
Jan 17, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

What's the easiest way to make way in Bollywood? Take up a romantic film. What's even better? Have your father produce it for you. What tops that too? Your father being a name in the industry as a filmmaker. But does that guarantee a hit and stay in the industry? NO. Maybe that's something that Shiv Darshan needs to fathom before he goes ahead burning heaps of father's money the next time around.

Karle Pyaar Karle starts in an obscure manner where an abnoxious man, who's an alleged coach of an obscure athletic team, mouths cuss words for no reason. He stresses on roping only "crazy" people and doesn't shy away from leaving the boys bruised and blooded if they aren't crazy enough. Enters the hero who takes an outrageously long flight on his bike to enter the field. Crazy enough? Yes. Literally.

The rest of the movie is equally outrageous. Kabir (Shiv Darshan) our hero stumbles upon his lady love Preet (Hasleen Kaur) who turns out to be his childhood sweetheart. However, Preet already has a boyfriend by then and post some misunderstanding she chooses her boyfriend over her childhood sweetheart. How Kabir wins her back is what follows through the rest of the plot.

Right from the first scene till the end there's no saving grace in the movie. Not only is the story haywire and amateur, its execution too is very juvenile. What's worse, while the excrutiating decibel levels of not just the music and background score but also the dialogues are ear-splitting, the garish costumes are a sore to the eye.

Director Rajesh Pandey appears interested only in profiling the producer's son, right from the cool bikes the actor gets to sit on to the action sequences, dance numbers, Shiv gets away with everything shabbily thanks to Rajesh Pandey who fails to extract decent performance from the actor.

Even the rest of the cast is busy hamming including the debuting actress Hasleen Kaur.

To sum it up, it's difficult to fall in love with Karle Pyaar Karle for the simple reason that it's a badly made film with no redeeming factor. Stay away.

Rating: 22%
Mansha Rastogi