Puriyatha Puthir Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Thriller
Puriyaatha Puthir is a one time watch that tries hard to drive home a pertinent point but misses the target by a whisker!!
Sep 1, 2017 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

As far as I know, the movie was in the cans for the last 3 years, awaiting a release date. It was initially titled 'Mellisai' and then later renamed as 'Puriyaatha Puthir' when a new producer took over. Of course, the movie would have been part of Vijay Sethupathi's signing spree, when he was beginning to get noticed as a saleable star. But now, he has become a star, in fact, a pulsar that rotates regularly to recreate polarized radiation - yes, when it comes to Vijay Sethupathy, I can't suppress that crazy fanboy in me!!

Directed by debutant Ranjit Jeyakodi, the movie surrounds the romance between Kathir (VJS) and Meera (Gayathri). Though at the surface it looks like the regular cotton candy love story, there is much more sinisterness in it. The dark happenings that intrude the relationship and the truth behind have been revealed with decent doses of thrills!

The movie has an urban appeal. But the theme that the movie is based upon cuts across this societal cleavage. With the rampant spread of mobile technology and affordable internet bandwidth, scandalous cyber crimes are the new guerilla warfare that the society and governments are facing every day. With a blend of such a pertinent theme and a moral ground that every individual has to take against such crimes, the director has done a very decent and stylish job!

For Vijay Sethupathy, the switch is set to "urban mode". It's amazing to see the man transform so gracefully from an uncouth ruffian to a boy-next-door urbanite. His body language, dialogue delivery and expressions also undergo the subtle alterations that he brings forth so effortlessly! And this was all done 3 years back!! He continues to amaze me!!

Gayathri has also been given a makeover with a solid character which she has just about managed to do justice. Her expressions seemed so redundant, but her natural charm was something that brought in that earthiness to their relationship. Her pimply face was another reason for that. I'm sick of watching mannequin skinned heroines with wooden expressions!!

The music and BGM by Sam who did 'Vikram Vedha' were impressive. I could make out why Vikram Vedha's 'Yanji' turned out to be the way it was with the sort of cosy romantic numbers that he has churned out here. However, at times the BGM was too jarring. Cinematography by Dinesh brought the element of thrills with top angles and the little tensions that build up in closed spaces within short time frame. Editing by Bavan Sreekumar was tidy.

Everything looked perfect on paper for a thriller, but, for a sagging screenplay. Some lazily choreographed songs and a predictable back story were the main dampening factors. After the key revelation of the one behind the mystery, the movie lost steam!

Also, a deviation with Ramesh Thilak was uncalled for. The movie also shows its age at times, especially with the usage of mobiles and gadgets which look dated. Consequently, staleness seeps in. I wouldn't blame the director for the last one!

However, Puriyaatha Puthir is a one time watch that tries hard to drive home a pertinent point that not only people who commit crimes are criminals, but also the ones who turn a blind eye towards them are equally responsible! Overall, a decently crafted urban thriller that misses the target by a whisker!!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran