Lover Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Romance
Lover is a Routine Love story told in quite routine and boring manner and thus, predictable with some good parts here and there.
Jul 20, 2018 By NR

Raj (Raj Tarun) who works as a Bike Customizer falls in love with a nurse Charitha (Riddhi Kumar). Charita initially does not oblige to Raj's love but when she starts reciprocates, she falls in serious trouble with a Mafia Gang in Kerala. What is the twist behind all this and how does Raj save his lover forms the rest of the story.

Raj Tharun has undergone the much-needed makeover in this film. He walks through the role effortlessly in which he is romantic in the first half and massy in the second. Riddhi Kumar is beautiful and performed really well in his debut film. Rajiv Kanakala has got an important role. Ajay, Subba Raju, and Sachin Kedkar are okay as Villains. Praveen, Satyam Rajesh and Satya managed some laughs here and there as hero's friends.

Anish Krishna did a okay job as the director of the film. He picked up a routine story tried to give it a fresh treatment. The first half of the film is boring with the director taking too much of time to introduce the character and with the scenes of hero going after his girl. Things turn interesting post-interval when the story moves to Kerala. But then, the last 10 minutes or so of the film is silly and boring disappointing the audience. Sameera Reddy's visuals are excellent. Naalo Edho Chilipi Kala and Anthe Kadha Mari songs are good on screen with excellent visuals of Kerala. Music composed by Six Music Directors is very good. Editing by Prawin Pudi could have been better in the first half.

Finally, Lover is a Routine Love story told in quite routine and boring manner and thus, predictable. There are some good parts in the second half and it has to be seen if that will save the film.