Doctor Strange English Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Doctor Strange gives you action-a-minute thrill ride with what is perhaps the best use of 3D that one has seen in any superhero movie. When a celebrated brain surgeon (Doctor Stephen Strange - Benedict Cumberbatch) finds himself unable to perform miracles in the Operating Room, he seeks help from The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who shows him the possibilities of everything he can do and be.
Nov 3, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Even if you have never heard of the yogic chakras and healing powers of the body, you will enjoy the metaphysical lessons offered by a guru called The Ancient One. Now you've seen Tilda Swinton in all kinds of roles from Narnia, Orlando and Constantine to We Must talk About Kevin. Here, she is the all knowing Guru of an ancient order of sorcerers protecting Earth from supernatural evil forces. Her unlikely pupil - Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch in a role that will make you forget his evil Smaug) needs to find the strength to become the celebrated surgeon he once was.

As in all superhero movies, there is a choice the hero has to make. Should Dr. Stephen Strange just use his newly gained strength back for himself, or serve the greater good. Is he evil?

Marvel takes you on a wild Inception style ride through many lessons and even though the plot is like all superhero plots, you love the innovations. The fighting techniques, the different universes they create, the super villains, the minions of the super villains make the movie a wonderful wild ride. As always, just when the villains seem to be getting the better of the good guys, you see how cleverly the heroes find a brilliant way out. You cheer for the good guys and groan when the bad guy (Mads Mikkelsen with the funnest eye-makeup) get one step ahead.

The best part of the movie are its awesome special effects. Whether it is the mirror dimension or the fractured realities or the weapons the sorcerers conjure, the effects satisfy even the most nitpicky watchers. For once you will not hear complaints about the 3D glasses, or how dark the film becomes once you wear those glasses. The movie plunges you into action directly and keeps you engaged until the end when credits roll.

As always, it is great fun to see Stan Lee make his mandatory appearance in the movie. And even more fun to come back home after the movie and google the name of the book he's reading...

Oh yes, the film takes itself quite lightly and does not make heavy 'gyaan' out of philosophy. In fact the sense of humor comes in handy when dispensing knowledge. Thankfully the witty lines are well-distributed across the characters as well as the length of the film.

Watch the film. It delights you on many levels. I loved the restraining device and the cape so much, I forgot to sigh at the handsomeness that is Cumberbatch.

Manisha Lakhe