Jalamsham Synopsis

‘Jalamsham’ written and directed by M P Sukumaran Nair is narrated in the backdrop of agricultural societies and their customs. Kunjunje (Jagadish) is a farmer who lives with his wife Shobhakutty (Manju Pillai) and their two children. Kunjunje is jailed due to certain reasons. He returns with a changed mind set. But on his arrival he finds that the situation is different from what he thought. Hence he is compelled to do something which lands him again in trouble and as a result he again goes to jail. M P Sukumaran Nair stresses the themes of human behavior and man-woman relationship in a different angle in ‘Jalamsham’. The director himself produces the movie under the banner of Rachana Films. Indrans, Suraj, Krishnaprabha, Parukutty Ghosh are also acting in this movie.