Beware of Dogs Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2014
The escalating ridiculousness makes 'Beware of Dogs' a tough watch. Entirely hackneyed and frivolous, it's one of those films that make you go 'Bow-wow' in angst and sheer protest.
Jun 21, 2014 By Veeyen

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DVD Release: Jul 25 2014

'Beware of Dogs' is a gallingly flubbed film that tries hard to be an entertainer. And the saddest part of it is that it seems oblivious of the contrivances and implausibilities that lie strewn all around.

Thualasidharan Pillai (Sunil Sukhada) has had it up to his nose with his tenants Dominic (Wilson Joseph), Oommen (Dinesh), Gautham (Sanju) and Sunny (Sreenath Bhasi), who have been having a tough time paying the rent. When Oommen leaves, having grabbed a job in Pondicherry, Pillai heaves a sigh of relief until Omanakkuttan (Shekhar Menon) walks in as a heavy replacement, prompting the house owner to retain the 'Beware of Dogs' board that he has hung outside the gate.

The moment you realize that 'DOGS' in the title would serve the purpose of an acronym, you sense that things wouldn't get much better than they initially seem. And your intuitions turn out to be right, with the film nose-diving into pathetic depths with each passing minute.

Somehow it has come to a point when films about youngsters are all about three things - a Fort Cochin slang, some adult sex talk and a whole lot of non-happenings that get paraded as happenings. 'Beware of Dogs' isn't an exception either. It's about all these, and very little else.

So when Sunny gets strapped to a bed by a dominatrix and gets slapped by her dad instead, you could be terrifically amused if that sort of a joke tickles your humor buds or if you haven't seen it elsewhere till now. Likewise, when he walks into a shop and asks for condoms and stresses on the 'Extra Long' it's entirely up to you to be entertained.

I point out these specific instances since these are what make up the entire length of this film that clearly does not have a story to tell. Oh yes, it does make an attempt every now and then to transform itself into a comedy that is loaded with mystery and suspense but falls flat on its face and never even makes an effort to get up.

There are these diamonds that are thrown in for that thriller effect and two mobsters - one of whom is christened as Baptist (Manoj K Jayan in a highly embarrassing avatar) and the other (Bobby Simha) who insists on mispronouncing Omanakuttan's name. I still haven't exactly figured out what the resort manager Meghna (Jasmine Bhasin) was doing there apart from stealing the diamonds, but of course I guess I could live without that bit of a know-how.

All this leads to a shootout (not the Lokhandwala kind) at the climax, where bullets get fired left right and center, and our young leading men make out of it unscathed and unhurt. They speed off to Goa from Pondicherry with diamonds worth a few millions lying about in their car. Phew!

Of the four young men Wilson Joseph is arguably the best, and here is an actor who deserves better roles. Sreenath Bhasi carries on with his airy, light self and is a pleasant watch. Gautham, Dinesh and Shekhar Menon are adequate in their respective roles as well. Abhirami Suresh and Jasmine Bhasin, the two pretty faces around, do not make much of an impact.

The escalating ridiculousness makes 'Beware of Dogs' a tough watch. Entirely hackneyed and frivolous, it's one of those films that make you go 'Bow-wow' in angst and sheer protest.