Ullam Ketkumae Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jul 15, 2004 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

"Ullam Ketkume" is a pleasant nostalgic look into the past life of a group of friends to their college days. Through this film, Director Jeeva likes to drive home his messages- "Responsibility takes precedence over Love" and "Take Life as Time Dictates". Targeted at young audience, the movie portrays the lives in college campuses. Every one will certainly relate at least one scene from the flick with their-own experience.

Here goes the story...

Long time college friends Shyam(Shaam), Eman(Arya), Pooja(Laila), Priya(Asin) and Irine(Pooja) congregate at the marriage function of Eman (Arya) in Chennai. The friends regroup and reflect incidences that shaped individual college experiences.

The storyline opens with Shyam (Shyam) narrating in a flash back his past love interest for Priya (Asin). After a sequence of events Priya rejects his overtures, sighting her middle class upbringing and culture as a stumbling block, and that she cannot even think of going against her parents wishes.

Then it is Eman's turn when he meets Irine (Pooja) in his room, recalls the events during his days in college, his interest in cricket and in Irin. Irine, a Christian girl grows up watching her drunken father and his irresponsible behavior towards her mother and the family. She develops patterns of thought to marry a person who is responsible and places family first. Irine sights this reason when Eman tells about his love for her.

Pooja (Laila), now living in the US reflects her college days and her crush for Shyam. She learns about Shyam's love for Priya when she meets him to express her love. Torn between love and moral rectitude, she leaves to US for further studies. By this way at least she can satisfy her father's wishes. Telling more about their breakup and reunion will only dampen your interest to watch the movie.

Jeeva, the film's director and cinematographer, has taken a place among the top-of-the-craft filmmakers even with this second directional venture (his directional debut was for 12 B). He has remarkably caught the collage atmosphere, and the underlying passion, love and friendship. However, the drawback is that while the first part of the flick keeps a measured pace, the script becomes flat in the second half. As pride comes before a fall, it's easy to guess where the film will climax.

Shyam and Laila give an impressive performance. While Shyam is in usual easygoing self, Laila is adorable and is a complete chick babe. Credit should go to Laila for holding the interest of the audience throughout the second half, even as the film was trawling its way through familiar waters. Laila sparkles like Cartier choker- her superb acting, especially her variety in expressions is a saving grace during the climax, which otherwise would have made the audience to go for a break.

There is nothing much to say about Arya the new hero on the block. The director could have tried to get the best from this star. Asin and Pooja lend an excellent support as collage chimps. Harris Jayaraj's music is excellent and synergies well with the atmosphere in and out of the movie.

Overall, however, "Ullam Ketkumme" is worth seeing as it has a certain truth and universality to it.

P.V.Sathish Kumar