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Lingaa is a typical Rajnikanth Movie.
Dec 20, 2014 By Kannan Mani

The most challenging thing about writing a review for Rajni movie is that majority of the mankind and you, the reader had already been to the FDFS (aka "First Day First Show") and you are probably checking this out to validate and re-hash your opinion. I promise I'll try to justify your visit to read this one! And for those miniscule population that missed the FDFS, believe me, I will not narrate the story from start to finish and call it a review and spoil your thrill.

And now on to business...

Superstar Rajni, as always, sends a message (both in the movie and to the real world) loud and clear that "he wants to do something to his countrymen" and that he has intentions to "leave behind a legacy" for the generations to come. In the movie, he has very well orchestrated that by following through his own words by giving away all his wealth until the last penny for the welfare of the people. In real life, we are yet to see it and are still in a STANDBY mode. Being a frequent visitor to the Himalayas, and a religious follower of Shiva, his dialogues and screenplays are penned to resonate his beliefs and realization. One that's worthy of pointing out is when he says, "How much ever heights one may reach, but the space needed to sleep is only as much longer as their height".

Aside of all the regular Rajni-ish stuff, I think Rajni should consider stop pairing with Shettys and Sinhas and start following what Amitabh is doing, do more age-appropriate roles, period! Otherwise, I am not sure how long the ardent followers and his fans can continue to do the tradition of going to the FDFS, knowing they are up for a typical Rajni style masala, with just the title, directors, lead ladies and other technicians keep changing. If he doesn't, the production company is still going to make money using the "RAJNI BRAND", there's no question whatsoever but the point is Rajni should do this just to break out of this cliche of "TYPICAL RAJNI MOVIE" thing and start experimenting new roles.

Sonakshi Sinha is promising and very natural and never shows a sign of holding back on sharing the screen with Rajni, where as the body language of Anushka and her acting suggests she is little nervous to pair with the SuperStar.

Thank you Santhanam, you are lifting the spirits and tickling our bones when we start to get the urge of "Please god, move us to the next scene". And Karuna has been wasted except that he got the redemption of getting to play Superstar's accomplice.

Mr. Mozart of Madras, we have utmost respect for your genius and we know you are now on the world stage and the most sought after music composer and everyone wants a piece of your work. My humble opinion is that you have drifted farther away from that "Pamarath Thamizhan". Please do try to re-connect with him and re-discover yourself before you do another Tamil movie. "En Mannava" was a good number but it could have been a standout song only if you had used a singer that can deliver an "Atchara SuthaTamil Accent". The opening song by SPB and Mona Gasolina by Mano, again are the tracks that confirms one more time this is a "TYPICAL RAJNI MOVIE". Haricharan, who seem to be the favorite of AR Rahman these days, has rendered the "Unmai Orunaal Vellum" very well... For a change, the background score begs a mention here...

Managing a sea of people, almost all through the movie is no easy task and the director KS Ravikumar has pulled it off so effortlessly, with very good coordination and frame selections. Rajni's close up shots were very minimal and he always appears with a group of people that makes me think, by setting up the shots long, the director may have used it as a tactic to mask Rajni's aging. It is no exaggeration to say, "no one ever has filmed the Mysore palace so beautifully like KS Ravikumar", a real treat to the eyes, the palace itself, both in the day light and when adorned with lights in the night, line up of vintage cars, aerial view of the dining table setting etc. to name a few.

Sun can even mistakenly rise from the west, but there is no Rajni movie with supporting cast trio of RadhaRavi, Nizhalgal Ravi and Vijayakumar. They all have done their part well.

OK so we are at the climax, I meant the review. I have always fascinated by the intentions/purpose of writing movie reviews. As a moviegoer, I might not want to go watch a movie with someone else's perception or knowing the story. But like I said in the beginning, I hope many who read this has watched the FDFS (Come on! You know what it is by now, I have trained you already) or at least the SDAS (Second Day Any Show) or TDST (Third Day Second Time). For those who haven't yet, I promised I wouldn't tell you the story and spoil your thrill. I kept my word and now go watch Thalaivar!!

Kannan Mani