Sher Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Action
Kalyanram failed to keep up the hard earned success of Pataas.
Oct 30, 2015 By NR

Nandini (Sonal Chauhan) is an aspiring Photographer who falls for Goutham (Kalyanram) after he unexpectedly becomes a part of her award winning Photo. Eventually they meet but Goutham's past rivalry with a baddie (Vikramjeet) comes back haunting him. That hate story turns his love story into revenge drama.

Kalyan Ram is okay like always. The director seem to have taken good care of looks and styling in the film. He also put good efforts in dances for couple of songs. Sonal Chauhan is used well as a glam doll and on the acting side, she is average. Vikramjeet is more than adequate as a baddie. Brahmanandham is at his usual best as always. Rest of the cast are okay and does not deserve special mention.

Mallikarjun did very little to make use of another chance given by Kalyanram. The story is a time tested one and goes in a routine template format. The first half of the film even though offers nothing new, is bearable but second half totally goes haywire with too much of dragging and an unconvincing flaskback. The movie has some good comedy here and there which is the only saving grace. A strong story stuffed with good emotions may have driven the movie home but it did not happen.

Thaman had come up with a pretty ordinary album in this film. All the songs are canned average. Back Ground Score is also not that great. Cinematography and editing is adequate. Stunts however went overboard at times. Production Values are appropriate.

Makers these days are seeing routine template films stuffed with comedy as shortcuts for success. But the problem is that pursuit are missing the basic requirements of having a story point and emotions to back it up. Sher also suffers similar problems and they are too many for audience to sit back and enjoy. Kalyanram failed to keep up the hard earned success of Pataas.