Amit Sahni Ki List Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA | Comedy
Director Ajit Bhuyan makes a confident debut in Bollywood. Amit Sahni Ki List is your film this weekend if you are looking for some fun.
Jul 18, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

There has always been a kind of romanticism attached to someone listing out attributes that he or she wishes in a partner. Numerous films have seen stars talking about what they wish their lover would be like. In the memorable Karan Johar's 1998 film, Shah Rukh Khan talks about the one who could make his heart go 'kuch kuch hota hai'. Soon after Shahid Kapoor in his debut Ishq Vishk says, he would like to have a girlfriend who could make the rest of his college go green with jealousy.

And there would be innumerable more among us, who have involuntarily made a list of qualities in our minds as we look for the ideal love story. Rarely does however make a physical copy of that list. Amit Sahni does. The consequence is what his story is all about.

Even by lead actor Virr Das' admissions, romantic-comedy is a genre that can hardly have a completely fresh twist. For a rom-com to work, it is all about a fresh storytelling that a fresh story. Amit Sahni's quirky search for love is not new, however his endeavour itself is quite entertaining.

Life's actually pretty good for this guy. He is no Devdas. He is doing well in his job, drives a BMW and is stylish. Just that he never seems to find anyone quite as good as his list. And then he comes across Mala, who does not quite strike all points in his list but yet seems unbelievably enticing. She is not one bit like Amit, and they end up engaged. The list remains to be fulfilled though... well, until Devika comes in. And that's when hell breaks loose.

The story could have easily taken a serious turn, but the writing ensures that you do not feel confused whether you are watching a comedy or a drama. While it entertains, the film effortlessly also makes you grin at the fact that, though involuntarily, you too have probably had one such list in your mind.

The film does not aim to be a valued member of some award lists, but it does achieve what it aims for. And yet at some level tell much more in subtle tone.

Of course Amit Sahni Ki List comes with enough flaws too. For one, some scenes could have been paced up to match the rest. And at points, funny is not funny enough. And the songs don't quite work.

Virr Das helps. He is perfectly cast and adds his own to the character. It's remarkable how this actor has grown over the years from making single screen appearances to now pull one entire film. The girls support well. Kavi Shashtri is quite likable and Anu Menon (Loll Kutty fame) is good.

Also helping the director is the cinematography by Maneesh Chandra Bhatt, as it sets the tone for the movie visually, subconsciously telling you what to expect in the film.

Director Ajit Bhuyan - already a well known name in Telugu film industry, makes a confident debut in Bollywood.

Amit Sahni Ki List is your film this weekend if you are looking for some fun. You should surely come out with some funny Virr Das expressions in your mind.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara