Ammakkoru Tharattu Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film
Jan 11, 2015 By Veeyen

The morality fable that Sreekumaran Thampi pens for his latest directorial outing 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' is one that is way out of age and place. While it is acknowledged that there are tales that withstand the tests of time, 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' is no such film that electrifies with its visceral story telling techniques.

On the contrary, the primitive narrative that is adopted in the film is one that is sheer embarrassing, and one wonders if there aren't any original ideas left in Mollywood. Try hard as you may, but it would remain a fact that 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' is a messy redoing of a yarn that had long lost its shine and glimmer.

Joseph Pushpavanam (Madhu) is a man of literature who has over the years earned a stature for himself in the world of letters. A bachelor by choice, Joseph lives in memories of a failed love story, while Sulakshana (Sharada), once a school teacher, finds it difficult to be a burden on her sons and daughter in laws, who would very gladly wash their hands off her. Sudarshanan (Suraj Venjarammoodu), a casual labourer who makes both ends meet by doing an odd job or the other comes across his school teacher in a chance encounter and witnessing her distress, takes her under his wings.

'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' has a few statements to make, and quickly gets going without much delay. It laments on the wretched plight of parents these days and comments on the need to uphold the values that the fresh generations have been fast losing out on.

With a frown, it focuses on the youngsters of the day and subjects them to severe scrutiny. Sulakshana walks into her grand daughter's room and sees the young girl video chatting with a barely dressed male friend on Skype. In another scene, her grandson locks himself up in a room with a friend to watch porn.

The film thus makes highly generalized, sweeping statements on a generation that has lost its way, and exhorts them to get their cards right before it's too late. Romance too has apparently changed over the years, feels Joseph. He harbours no ill feelings towards the object of his love, who did not have the courage to marry him.

Sreekumaran Thampi does however impress with the musical score of the film, and 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' does have a few imminently hummable numbers. Other technical aspects of the film are adequately in sync with the tone of the film.

It's refreshing to see Madhu and Sharada pair up on screen after a long while, though 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' offers neither of them the opportunity to explore fresh vistas of their acting potentials. There are also actors like Saikumar, Mamukkoya and Indrans in key roles, while Suraj Venjarammoodu comes up with an invigorating performance.

Set in a sitcom mode, 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu' is a film that does not spring to life at all. None of its cardboard characters reach out to the viewer, and the swamp of moral muddiness in which they lose themselves draws in the viewer down along with them.