Homely Meals Review

Oct 3, 2014 By Veeyen

In 'Homely Meals', Anoop Kannan subverts movie stereotypes without making a huge hue and cry about it. Frequently delightful, insanely insightful and brimming with tongue in cheek humour, 'Homely Meals' carries us along on the journey of a man, out to make a mark in the world.

Allen (Vipin Atley) is one among the thousands of movie maker aspirants in the country, with the stars of showbiz writ large in his eyes. He first tryst with the entertainment industry turns sour, when his idea is stolen by his friend Sajith (Kailash), who shamelessly hogs all the credit for the television show titled 'Homely Meals'. Not one to be left in the lurch, Allen, aided by his journalist friend (Srinda Ashab) and a bunch of good-natured thugs headed by Mosappan (Rajesh Sharma) bounces back into the fray with a vengeance.

Perhaps I have a very special liking for films that abound in positivism, which is one more reason why I would recommend 'Homely Meals' to anyone out there, who is on the lookout for a charming weekend watch! Armed with wagon loads of optimism, the young protagonists of 'Homely Meals' hang on to the very last bit of hope, and look forward to a lovely life ahead.

The film is an amusing and much engaging take on the film and television industry and pokes fun at some very obvious visual catastrophes in a blithe manner. When Sarath Chandran, an announcer at AIR who used to specialize in reciting market value announcements, is made the program head at Grace TV, the results are appalling.

There are plenty of smiles in store, as Allen unhurriedly begins his stroll upward. It's a wonderful world that he lives in, despite all the calamities that he finds all around. Though ridiculed for being not presentable, Allen doesn't let go of his stinky and shabby self, as much as he refuses to let loose the desire within himself to be a winner one day.

'Homely Meals' is certainly a film that could have been even better, and for one, it could have been much shorter. A running time of around one hundred and sixty minutes is way too lengthy these days, going by any standard, and perhaps a bit of chopping here and there could have made the film appear crisper.

There are also a few instances when the dramatic bit goes a bit overboard. The skepctics among us would also wonder aloud as to how a goon gang turns into a television production team overnight. Even as those questions will remain, one cannot ignore the integrity and goodness that apparently lies within.

'Homely Meals' also deserves a huge pat on the back for the most intelligent casting of the year. Vipin Atley is perfect as Allen, the loser guy with stars in his eyes, who makes it big despite the odds. His vulnerability and openness make you reach out to him, and as Allen, Vipin simply rocks. The entire supporting cast that comprises of actors like Srinda Ashab, Rajesh Sharma, Kailash, Neeraj Madhav, Anwar, Jain Paul and Shereej put in their worthy bits, while veterans as Nedumudi Venu and Manoj K Jayan live up to the expectations.

There is one name that deserves a very special mention, which is that of Basil Joseph, who plays Basil, a budding editor in the film. Here is one actor with such a notable appeal around him that the character that he plays in the film remains close to us, even after the show is done. His naive smile and earnest tears will be doubtlessly remembered for a long time. The background music by Bijbal and the musical score by Sarthaj stand out for their lustre as well.

With his second film 'Homely Meals', Anoop Kannan moves miles ahead of his directorial debut. It's a delightfully odd tale, crafted of the stuff that real dreams are made of; proof enough that a unique premise and a heartfelt tone indeed tend to go a long way!

Frequently delightful, insanely insightful and brimming with tongue in cheek humour, 'Homely Meals' carries us along on the journey of a man, out to make a mark in the world.
Rating: 6 / 10