Saagasam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | Action, Drama
Arun Raj's Saagasam is a decent comeback film for Prashanth; his energy level and passion for the craft is indiscrete.
Feb 5, 2016 By SMK

Saagasam marks the much-awaited comeback for Prashanth after his horrible, outdated last outing with Pulan Visaaranai 2 last year. But, has Prashath hit the bull's eye this time? To an extent, yes. He is the only silver-lining in an otherwise mundane action entertainer whose plot revolves around the ego clash between the hero and the villain. For example, Jayam Raja's Thani Oruvan was also centered on the same plotline, but it turned out to be one of the blockbusters of 2015. But in Saagasam, the writing goes too far afield with a dozen of digressions in the name of romance and comedy.

Newcomer Amanda struggles to pair up with Prashanth to strike a good chemistry. It falls flat every time the duo appears on screen. The comedy splashes down on few occasions, but it also triumphs at crucial junctures thanks to the entourage of comedians including the dependable MS Baskar and Thambi Ramaiah, who breathe life into even the most ordinary comical situations and lift the sequence to the delight of audiences.

Prashanth has evidently put his heart and soul into his devil-may-care role of a youngster, challenging his dad to prove his individuality and earn a career all by himself. A frustrated Prashanth encounters few rogues who are spearheaded by a cunning politician, played to perfection by veteran Kota Srinivasa Rao. That's when he gets trapped in a series of events and how he entangles himself and comes out clean forms the plot.

Major part of the film is basically the cat and mouse game between Prashanth and Sonu Sood, who plays the antagonist. However, the writing lacks depth and characters are completely underfed, except for the exotic dance numbers where the screen shines.

Overall, Arun Raj's Saagasam is a decent comeback film for Prashanth, who once dominated the industry with back to back collaborations with Mani Ratnam, Shankar and Balu Mahendra. The actor in him is still intact and this film is substantiation for the same. His energy level and passion for the craft is indiscrete. What he sorely needs is a proper, sure-shot comeback vehicle to make his mark once again.