Housefull 3 Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Comedy
When a delightful Hollywood black comedy like The Nice Guys is playing in the theatre next to this movie, you wish you could get up and sneak into the other movie. But you are so deadened by the unfunny situational comedy unfolding in front that you just wait it out, let the movie die its slow painful death.
Jun 3, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Bollywood will never be sensitive towards the blind, the mute and even people who are unable to walk. So it's not entirely unexpected when they show three heroes pretending to be just that to gain sympathy of the father of the girls they want to marry for money. The three heroines are so vacuous, they literally translate English words and phrases like: 'limelight' and 'Let bygones be bygones' into Hindi as, 'Nimbu ki roshni' and 'Kaamwali bai ko Kaamwali bai rehne do'. You wonder who in the audience finds it funny. It's not even groan-worthy for the English speaking audience and it's completely incomprehensible to the ones who don't know those words and phrases. So who is this movie written for?

You stop caring because you watch the heroes, otherwise funny, begin breaking chairs over each other's backs. It's not even as funny as Tom & Jerry. And the heroines look at the antics of the heroes and ask each other, 'Why do we love these losers?' You're sitting in the audience, and too numb to slow clap.

There are some songs in the film too. And don't be surprised if you don't remember them at all. They're generic wedding song, beer party song and some other song. Oh yes, an overacting lament song. Despite a guitar falling apart, the songs are all equally, totally forgettable.

When Jackie Shroff shows up the audience is already bored out of their wits. He shows up to save two girls from being harassed and beats up the baddies, offers gyan to people watching and then... You don't care. Your eyes are closed and you can only hear his voice which still sounds awesome. But closing your eyes may not be such a bad idea if you can sleep through the dinner scene where the bad guys, the heroes and the heroines are all having dinner. You sort of are startled when Jackie Shroff figures out who's bad and who's good and the last scene plays out and manage a giggle when Abhishek Bachchan saves a falling wax statue of Aishwarya Rai and then gets mad, saying, 'It's personal, now!' You also laugh when the three maids and Boman Irani hide behind the shelf full of heads and stick their own among them. You wish the filmmakers had done more of this, rather than playing with literal translations of English words into Hindi.

Manisha Lakhe


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3 men try to convince a father of theree daughters to marry them, while father says "I am the only father whom doesn't w... Show more
3 men try to convince a father of theree daughters to marry them, while father says "I am the only father whom doesn't want his daughters to get married. Plus the father thinks that the boys aren't good enogh for the girls. Overall great movie to watch with the family. A bit weak story but a great halirious laughter.