Katti Batti Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | UA | Comedy, Romance
Nikhil Advani sticks to a tried and exhausted route, yet getting it completely wrong.
Sep 18, 2015 By Shishir Gautam

A week after providing two newcomers a nonsensical debut, Nikhil Advani is back with what could be a definitive film in Imran Khan's career. And for that he reverts to what he started with - a romance dripped in honey. Yet Kal Ho Naa Ho feels like a fluke than the director's genius. Katti Batti does that.

Told through constant flashbacks, Katti Batti is the story of Payal and Maddy. They meet in college; move in together... and break up. Most of the film is about a desperate and depressed lover trying to reach his ex-girlfriend and get her back in his life.

In its course Katti Batti treads some ground that could have taken the story into a sphere no other Bollywood romance has managed to capture. Instead Nikhil Advani and his writer get lazy and stick to a tried and exhausted route - getting it completely wrong even there!

The screenplay is inconsistent at best. Apart from the fact that the flashbacks start feeling too convenient after the first couple of instances, there are plenty directorial blunders when it comes to the behavioral pattern of the supporting cast.

What Nikhil managed to bring out is a confused product, unsure if it wants to be a heartbreak story or a comedy. Hence it becomes difficult for anyone viewer to sustain interest or for that matter relate to any of the situations.

Both Imran Khan and Kangana try hard on their part. Imran, who was not off screen for almost two years, is earnest albeit falters at key emotional points, which ironically could have been done away with completely. Kangana for most part of the film has little to do, and when she does get a chance to display what she does best the audience's attention would have wavered away never. The last twenty minutes of absolute mess seems to have been added to the script just to make it appealing for Kangana - twenty minutes of boring video that could have been done in four, in a far effective manner.

Katti Batti is not a copy of Hollywood's 500 Days of Summer. Not even close. But it appears to be Nkkhil's tribute to the film. And not a very good tribute. Who loses the most from this film? Kangana, who has been on a great run? Imran, who desperately needs a hit? Nikhil Advani, who cannot afford any more blunders? Or maybe Aamir Khan. He apparently wept after watching the film. Now we are judging you, Aamir!

Shishir Gautam