Alone Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | A | Horror
Alone fails to impress as a horror film but with the product that it is, it may still manage to draw the audience all thanks to Bipasha-Karan's sizzling chemistry and the music which has already captivated its listners.
Jan 16, 2015 By Mansha Rastogi

Times of badly ripping off, blatantly ripping off or even being inspired by international films are way past behind. The latest is officially taking the rights, remaking the film no matter how bad the remake may turn out to be, at least we do it with a head held high right?

Similar seems to be the case of Bhushan Patel's Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover starrer Alone. An official remake of the Thai film by the same name, Alone promises sex and spook but sadly for the audience expecting either, the movie falls flat.

For the ones who haven't seen the much celebrated Thai horror film, Alone is about conjoined twins Sanjana and Anjana, both played by Bipasha Basu. The two not just physically but also emotionally bound to each other and vow to remain together till forever. But their sisterhood gets shaken and broken the moment the hottie Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) walks into their lives and both fall head over heels in love with him. Natural as it may seem, Kabir falls for only one of the two leading to the other turning into a evil queen. The two decide to get operated and one of the sisters loses her life in the process while the one alive goes on with her live like nothing happened. Until, the twin rises from the dead only to haunt and take back what's hers.

It would be wrong to put down Bhushan Patel's efforts outright. The maker who has Ragini MMS to his credit definitely knows the horror space a little better. However, it's the script and the constricted space the story gets to evolve that mires the film completely. If not for anything, Alone is a highly predictable fare literally to an extent that you can to know what the big twist is much before it actually happens. Moreover, except for a few moments that catch you off-guard and manage to startle you, the spook fest largely uses the staple means of scaring which have been done to death in Hindi horror films.

The current Horror Queen Bipasha Basu surely knows her spooky business and does a decent job when it comes to acting. Needless to say, she looks sexy as hell too. But it's Karan Singh Grover, the latest import from small screen who also matches footsteps with Bipasha in the film. The hunk definitely knows how to look his best and takes no time to drop off his shirt every now and then. However, it's the performance where he takes the hit, not that he gets way too much to do in the film consisting of two Bipasha Basu-s.

To sum it up, with a successful story at hand, Alone could've been a real scare-fest had the makers invested in the script and screenplay writers. With the product that it is, the only draw for the audience is Bipasha-Karan's sizzling chemistry and the music which has already captivated the music lovers.

Mansha Rastogi