Zed Plus Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Drama
It is a film that makes you laugh, makes you think and the leaves you with a smile. Watch it!
Nov 28, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

We have often seen these ministers with super security around them and wondered who are they scared of. Zed Plus takes the security off the politico alleys and brings into the dusty dirty streets of a quaint town, outside the house of a mechanic. What happens then?

Chandraprakash Dwivedi returns to direction after ages. And this time he sets his story in the contemporary age and in a town called Fatehpur in Rajasthan. A town that a troubled Prime Minister visits to offer his obeisance at a revered dargah. Due to some misunderstanding he ends up promising Z class security to the mechanic - who complains of a troublesome 'neighbour'. What follows is a laugh riot which also provides ample chance to reflect on the Indian state of affairs.

Zed Plus is backed up some very impressive writing. The screenplay unfolds seamlessly and is backed up some whacky dialogues and characterization. It is a film where the director does not try too hard to get his message across. Adil Hussain gets a dream role and he delivers beautifully. But more importantly Mukesh Tiwari gets a role that he deserves and he is fantastic. Even smaller characters are etched out brilliantly, be it Kulbhushan Kharbanda as the Prime Minister, Rahul Singh as CRPF inspector in charge of the Z class security or Shivani Tanksale as the neighbour's wife. Mona Singh pitches in with role which asserts that she is indeed very capable as an actress.

Of course you may not complain that humour dries down significantly during the second half. But you may not argue on the fact that the character lives up to your expectation and his story reaches a logical conclusion... or maybe just the beginning of another journey!

Shot a low budget Zed Plus does not look like a small film. The director manages to lend to it some scale that makes it look respectable amidst a slew of huge films that are releasing around it. Special marks also to the very apt lyrics and music.

Zed Plus is one of the films that is difficult to review. You would not want to say too much, and you would not like to say too little. It is a film that makes you laugh, makes you think and the leaves you with a smile. It is one of the better satires that have come out from Bollywood. If you are sharp enough to get the subtle hints you would enjoy it more so. Watch it!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara