Tamasha Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | Drama, Romance
Tamasha is kaleidoscopic entertainment. A montage of stories performed on stage, in reality and inside the mind.
Dec 6, 2015 By Anurima Das

"I will tell you a story. Please sit tightly and listen." We were sitting quietly, but you are telling the same story once again.

Frames picked up from different fragments of time, fused together to give a glimpse of life in motion, kind of sums up what to expect in the next few hours at the theatre. An infusion of emotion bubbles up in front of your eyes in the first few minutes of Tamasha. As we begin to move through the upheaval of excitement, we are taken on a holiday to Corsica, France. Our protagonists meet each other anonymously at a beautiful locale in the sun kissed countryside of Europe. Now we can hold back and sit, the Tamasha has begun.

Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha will remind you of those talking dolls from our childhood, when you wind the doll it sings and dances and then it stops. Again you wind and it wakes up to entertain you. The film phases out from these high life zones to a stop all through. It is like capturing the pendulum through its oscillation and halt.

Corsica sets the track into oscillation with music, chemistry between our lead pair and breathtaking locales. The halt spans over the next phase of the film, when Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone) return back to their original lives. Many frames, episodic narration during this part of the film will remind you of Ali's first film. The chaos or oscillation begins eventually with the pair meeting again. Voila! Even after they mutually agree never to do so, they do meet again. Then continues a flow of realization, search, awakening and an upheaval of emotions once again.

Music is the heartbeat of the chaos, which stops at the pause and jumps back with extra zeal each time chaos is pumped into the narrative. Imtiaz Ali has tried to sing a story with the proper orchestra in Tamasha. But somehow the song sung breaks rhythm at many nodes. He plays fill in the blanks with character development but somehow the blanks never fill up. The oscillating pattern of the film was supposed to sing the hymn of remembrance for the viewers, but sadly that fails to happen.

Lore's and immortal stories of love in Tamasha are repetitively used as a contrasting backdrop for the reality. This pattern is played until Ved realises or is being pushed to realise that it is high time he should begin narrating stories too. Ali waits to finish his narration, till the moment Ved comes face to face with his real side and takes over the baton to perform his Tamasha.

Anurima Das