Vettam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2004 | Comedy | 2h 42min
Aug 23, 2004 By NR

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This Priyadarshan directed film is a rollicking comedy and for the first time the director who has made nearly 30 films with Mohanlal as the hero is making a film with the current hot favourite Dileep. Bhavana Puri, a Mumbai model is the heroine.

Though, scenes from "Vettam" might remind you many of Priyan's earlier movies, Priyan has packaged it well and is worth a laugh. Dileep is outstanding with his one-liners and witty dialogues with perfect comedy timing.

The story is wafer-thin about a petty thief who steals a precious chain and is on the run. A police officer (Radha Ravi) is on his trail as Gopi (Dileep) meets a girl Veena (Bhavana) in the flight. Veena is on her way to break the marriage of her lover to a tycoon's daughter and both are forced to travel together.

Gopi hides the chain in Veena's bag but discovers that it is missing. He follows her and after a love-hate relationship become good friends. Gopi plans to make a fortune out of the chain but all his plans goes awry as the story unfolds.

The first half is fast paced and entertaining while the second half peters out to be a slapstick comedy with mistaken identities and a whole lot of new characters set in a hotel. A battalion of comedians like Jagathy Sreekumar, Cochin Haneefa, Janardhanan, Innocent, Jagadhish, Mamukoya, Bindu Panickar and others make the proceedings hilarious.

Produced by Suresh Kumar of Revathy Kalamandir, this film has some good music by Benny Ignatious picturised well by Priyan as usual.

Dileep is excellent as usual. Bhavana Puri does a decent job. All the supporting cast does their job well. On the whole "Vettam" is a good entertainer, where you get comedy in the right dose.