Bhouri Hindi Movie

Feature Film | Drama, Social

Bhouri is an Indian Movie directed by Jasbir B Bhati starring Aditya Pancholi, Masha Pour, Shakti Kapoor and Kunika. The feature film is produced by Chandrapal Singh and the music composed by Sanjay Pathak.

Current Status: Post-Production
Release: 2016 (India)
Language: Hindi
Director: Jasbir B Bhati


Set against the background of the plight of a women in rural India, a story of a 22 year old woman whose fair complexion and sharp feature became painful.




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Cast & Crew Details:
Aditya Pancholi
Masha Pour
Shakti Kapoor
Mukesh Tiwari
Mohan Joshi
Manoj Joshi
Sitaram Panchal
Raghuveer Yadav

Director: Jasbir B Bhati
Producer: Chandrapal Singh
Production Company: S. Video Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Music Director: Sanjay Pathak
Song Lyrics Writers: Priti Pathak, Manjeet Mahipal
Sound Designer: Debraj
Cinematographer: Mohd Rubez
Editors: Mansoor Azmi, Meraj Ali
Screenplay Writers: Jagat Bhushan Singh, Manjeet Mahipal
Dialogue Writers: Jagat Bhushan Singh, Manjeet Mahipal
Original Story Writers: Jasbir B Bhati, Kushal Bakshi