Kazhcha Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2004 | Family Drama
Aug 26, 2004 By Deepa Roy

The essence of the story is the unusual love and affection shared by a North Indian boy and a family from the Kuttanad area.

The story revolves around Madhavan (Mammooty), a village cinema operator who comes across Pavan a young boy lost during the Gujarat earthquake. The boy trails Madhavan around town. Madhavan decides to take Pavan to his family. With the family unable to communicate with Pavan, the story unravels the mysterious language of love.

Set in the verdant landscape of Kuttanad the story is well narrated and touches upon a whole host of issues plaguing the society without loosing the focus.

Blessy has made love and visual images the subject of his debut movie - which can be shared without the necessity of language. He narrates the former through the movie and has used the latter to name it! - Kazhcha!

A simple story line straight from the heart, the movie is well crafted with commendable casting. The music and cinematography have contributed well to the theme.

This "slice of life" movie offers something for all age group and evokes virtues, which we long for.

Director Blessy's first solo attempt - Kazhcha - is a whooping success with the halls running packed shows into the second week of the release of the movie.

Deepa Roy