Gowri Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2004
Sep 3, 2004 By B.Anuradha

After his maiden success "Satyam", upcoming actor Sumanth has stepped into the bandwagon of his contemporaries by doing "Gowri", a typical formula film.

In "Gowri", a remake of Tamil hit "Tirumalai", director Ramana has altered the original by chopping the action sequences and adding dollops of sentiment to make it an ideal film for the young actor, who is trying hard to wriggle out of his lover-boy image. Dialogue-writer Marudhuri Raja has penned some punchy lines for Sumanth who plays a scooter mechanic with aplomb.

The rising actor is a nephew of Nagarjuna and grandson of the legendary A. Nageshwara Rao of "Devadas" fame. He excels in stunts, but is a tad out of step as a dancer. Charmi oozes a lot of oomph.

Koti's fast-paced compositions make this sentimental film an entertainer as well.

The story is about an orphan (Sumanth) living with his friends. A couple (Naresh and Kausalya) comes to stay nearby and he gets close to them. He falls in love with Charmi at first sight, and she reciprocates after a while. Her rich father, however, is unable to accept their love.

He hires a goon to threaten Sumanth but the former is taken aback by the daredevil attitude of Sumanth. When the goon kidnaps his friends, Sumanth decides to sacrifice his love.

It will be unfair to give away the ending. The story so far, however, should provide a fair idea of the kind of film it is.