Idhu Enna Mayam Tamil Movie Review

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Director Vijay has delivered a romantic comedy which lacks spine and spirit.
Jul 31, 2015 By SMK

Director AL Vijay's Idhu Enna Maayam is a done and dusted romance drama featuring Vikram Prabhu and the Malayalam beauty Keerthy Suresh, who makes her debut in Tamil cinema. While Vijay's earnest attempt at reviving the genre is appreciated and understandable, he has not made sure that he steers himself away from cliches and stereotypes. The story reeks of old-fashioned romance sequences and dialogues.

The first half is set in a beautiful college campus in Cochin, Kerala where the major part of the film was canned. Arun (Vikram Prabhu) falls head over heels in love with his junior Maya (Keerthy Suresh) during their first meeting. Of course, cameraman Nirav Shah, Vijay's most trusted collaborator, has made sure that Maya's close-up shots adorn the screen with Arun's mouth wide-open in the frame to add more elegance to the scene, if you say so.

In the film's most ridiculous scene, Arun tries to gain the favor of Maya by participating in an inter-college hockey match though he is a trained cricket player. When one of the team members asks Arun about this, he says, "Renduthalaum ball ah thana adikanum?" (In both the games, the ball should be hit right?). There are more such farces staged in the name of 'impressing the girl' throughout the first half. And, Maya eventually falls in love with Arun but the couple break-up sooner than expected due to a dopy misunderstanding. However, Maya enters Arun's life few years later. Will the couple get united in the end? Are both of them still in love with each other?

Vijay has assembled a good score of actors in his supporting cast including seasoned performers like the yesteryear actress Ambika and Nassar, a regular member in Vijay's films. But both of them are grossly under-used with no scope for performance. RJ Balaji and RJ Ajai try to evoke laughter on regular occasions in the second half, but their comedies are so blunt that they barely leave us in splits. Vikram Prabhu and Keerthy Suresh have done good justice to their roles which are absolutely sapless.

Director Vijay has delivered a romantic comedy which lacks spine and spirit. Romance - the vulnerable undercurrent in the film, has turned out be as absurd as the flow chart concept in his previous thriller Thaandavam.