Sanam Re Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | Romantic
Grandpa tells grandson that his soulmate is 500 steps away. Grandson begins counting. The two soulmates meet, part, meet, part and then meet and part so many times that the audience though beguiled for a while with the beautifully shot film and melodious songs begin to count the minutes when they can leave the theater.
Feb 13, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

The director Divya Khosla Kumar has made one brainless film for young people (which probably worked because of the Yo-yo Honey Singh 'Blue hai pani pani' song), so you expected the same level of 'modern' nonsense with young people in bikinis partying, in her second movie. But the trailer showed soulful songs and heroine in chiffon in the middle of winter snow (had not deterred the skimpy clothes in the first movie). Maybe the chiffon in snow should have served as a warning about how regressive the story was going to be and how time was going to be mangled in the movie

So grandson asks grandpa where his soulmate will be. Grandpa should have told him to do his twelve times table instead and we would not said, 'Arre re!'

But dadu (Rishi Kapoor in a horrible wig) tells grandson he will find his soulmate 500 steps away. and we go, 'Arre re! Such a crap way to teach math!' The little chap begins counting, and finds the girl.

Not before we have said, 'Arre- re!' to the name of Dadu's photo studio that's called Johnson & Johnson if you please, and to men in kilts marching in Tanakpur, India. Did the filmmaker not find any other name? The last we heard of Tanakpur was when a buffalo from the village made it to the movies. Whatever happened to the tried and tested Palampur?

The little boy grows up to be teenage Pulkit Samrat with a ghastly Indian Travolta style hair. Thankfully he runs away to Bombay because he doesn't want to work at Dadu's photo studio. We feel terrible for the two other kids left behind in Tanakpur: the soulmate and another girl. There are other characters in Tanakpur, but there's mostly snow.

In Bombay we wish Tanakpur's snow had covered up Mohan Joshi the ' horrible boss' character before we would have to put up with his awfulness. And we don't blame Pulkit for feeling out of place (no snow!). But he gets an ultimatum from the apoplectic boss: Go get Mrs Pablo by hook or by crook...

If anyone had been in Pulkit's place they would have just left the job. But Pulkit goes to... Arre re! A Yoga camp in the middle of Canada to find Mrs Pablo. And it is run by crass-talking loud TV comic Bharti. If you were anywhere near her offensive 'jokes' you would have been in jail for murder. But you start laughing at even more implausible happenings on screen. Mrs. Pablo turns out to be a girl from Tanakpur. And if that's not enough, his soulmate whom he left behind also shows up at the yoga camp. Arre-re!

Pulkit of course leaves his job objective - Mrs Pablo of the skimpy clothes and large assets - and begins to pursue his fully clothed soul mate in earnest. They part again because Pulkit has to go back to Mrs. Pablo and the audience gets dizzy trying to play catch up with the story, the bizarre changes in location, and weather and dialog...

Why anyone would make such a ridiculous film based on 500 step theory and expect today's audiences to fall in love with it is beyond any reasoning. And even though the music is decent you wish T-Series had invested in a half decent story in the least. Nothing in this film will make you book tickets to the corner seats with your valentine. In fact, you might just get dumped for your taste in movies... Be warned!

Manisha Lakhe


Waqas Raja

Movie is not bad as compare to crap coming out these days from Bollywood. I had very low expectations from this movie bu... Show more
Movie is not bad as compare to crap coming out these days from Bollywood. I had very low expectations from this movie but some how the movie turned out to be not so bad. Story is typical but still the movie keeps your interest!! I would say go and check it out, you won't be disappointed!!